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12 March 2020


Have you thought about what to do in an emergency?
What health and social care services matter to you?
National social prescribing day
What does good home care look like to you
Fire kills

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Health equity in England: Marmot
Health of the Nation
Doddery but dear – examining ageist stereotyping

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Volunteering – as a driver
Do you want to help young people in your area


Quick guide to promoting positive mental wellbeing for older people
Winter fuel payments
Relationships and sex education

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Universal credit – theatre performance
Updated articles & organisations
CNTW NHS Foundation Trust IPS Employment Support Service
CNTW Mental Health and Deafness service
Social prescribing
Your Doctor or GP
Winter Fuel Payment


Have you thought about what to do in an emergency?

Your Equipment Newcastle  may be able to help you plan for an emergency.  Just click on the Ambulance icon and it will take you through a series of questions about how well prepared you are. This includes:

  • community alarms and telecare
  • key safes
  • activity monitoring alarms and plugs
  • location sensors
  • as well as some advice about storing emergency numbers and help from neighbours.

InformationNOW has information on

What health and social care services matter to you?

Healthwatch Newcastle is here to make sure your voice is heard by the people who plan and provide our local health and social care services.  They need your help choosing what areas to focus on this year and next. Take part here. Call Freephone 0808 178 9282 for a paper version.  Remember to have your say by Tuesday 31 March.

National Social Prescribing day, 12th March 2020

The term social prescribing has been used more lately, particularly since the launch of the NHS 10 year long term plan. What does it mean?   Social Prescribing is where you are prescribed activity or exercise to improve your physical and mental health. It may be used in place of medication or alongside other forms of treatment. It’s also known as a community referral or exercise on prescription depending on what help and support you need.  With the advent of Primary Care Networks, where a group of GP Practices work together to help their local populations, you may find that your GP puts you in touch with a “navigator” or ” link worker” to help you find out what is going on locally, especially if you are limited in where you can travel to.  InformationNOW has events and activities that can help you get active or get involved. Search by type of event eg music, swimming or by day or by location/ward.  We will soon have a postcode search available too.  You can save your favourite events and activities by date order onto a personal calendar using Favourites.

Fire Kills campaign

The Home Office Fire Kills campaign aims to raise awareness of everyday fire risks in the home, reminding people that it only takes one accident to start a fire. The campaign also highlights the importance of having a smoke alarm on every floor of your property and encouraging all households in England to test their smoke alarms regularly.They are also encouraging individuals to book a ‘home fire safety visit’, so contact Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service or to book one in for someone they know who they think might be vulnerable to fire.  Read Making your home safer.Older people are more vulnerable to hazards such as fire, according to the trends report.  For more information, visit the Fire Kills website


Health Equity in England: The Marmot Review 10 years on

The report was published this week by the Institute of Health Equity.  It makes sobering reading in relation to the growing health inequalities in our country and it has clear recommendations for Government on how to address them.

The Health of the Nation: a Strategy for healthier, longer lives

The report, available here, and published by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Longevity, helps to set the UK on a clear path to achieve the government’s goal for everyone to have 5 extra years of healthy, independent life by 2035. The summary is on pages 6 and 7.

Doddery but dear: a webinar examining ageism and age-related stereotypes

The number of people aged 65 and over will increase by more than 40% within 20 years.  Despite these profound changes to our society, ageism is still rife. Stereotypes about older people are almost always more negative than they are positive, and one in three people within the UK report experiencing age prejudice or age discrimination. These stereotypes and attitudes are shaped by how we behave in every day life.This free interactive webinar offers a chance to hear about the review’s key findings and Ageing Better’s new project, which explores how age and ageing is discussed and represented across society.


Volunteering – would you like to be a volunteer driver?

Re-engage is currently recruiting volunteer drivers in Newcastle. Re-engage is a national charity dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people through face to face contact. They organise monthly Sunday gatherings for small groups of older people, aged 75 and over who live alone. Each older person is collected from their home by a volunteer and taken to a volunteer host’s home for the afternoon.  If you would like more information please contact AlisonRead our InformationNOW article about volunteering and the range of opportunities available.

Do you want to help the young people in your community?

NE Youth offer infrastructure support to their members as well as a range of community events and activities across hubs in Newcastle.
Get in touch if you want to get involved.


Quick guide – Promoting positive mental wellbeing for older people

The Social Care Institute for Excellence has published a report on improving mental wellbeing. Older people living in care homes often experience depression, loneliness and low levels of satisfaction, This new quick guide has been developed for registered managers and explains how they can support older people to have positive mental wellbeing.  It covers the key factors that contribute to wellbeing – maintaining a strong sense of personal identity, engaging in meaningful activity and having access to good physical and mental health care.Search InformationNOW’s events and activities section for activities that you can get involved in  – or take your residents to.

Winter fuel payments

A reminder that you need to make your claim for the winter fuel payment if you are a first-time claimant by 31st March 2020.  Check your eligibility and the process in our article which is linked above.

Relationships and sex education

Educating children and young people about healthy behaviours is important to help them to be safe, healthy and happy. From September 2020, all schools must teach Relationships Education and Health Education, with secondary schools required to teach Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).   Newcastle City Council is working with its partners in health and the voluntary sector to support schools to get ready to teach the new guidance from September.Most parents and carers fully support schools providing relationships and sex education and also have an important part to play in talking to their children at home about relationships, feelings, growing up and sex.


Universal credit – attend a performance at the Alphabetti Theatre

St James’s Boulevard, NE1 4HP
27th April at 7.30 pm; 28th April at 2 pm and 7.30 pm

Credit is a play based on research into the effect of Universal Credit published in 2019.  Held at Alphabetti Theatre, there will be a Q&A after each performance.The play is jointly funded by Newcastle University’s Population and Health Sciences Institute, Institute for Social Science, the Catherine Cookson Fund and the Arts Council Lottery Fund.Panel members include Patrick Butler, Guardian Social affairs editor, Alison Dunn, Chief Executive of Gateshead Citizens Advice, Alice Wiseman Director of Public Health, Gateshead Council.

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Social prescribing
Your Doctor or GP
Winter Fuel Payments

New Organisations
CNTW IPS Employment Service
CNTW Mental Health and deafness service

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