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2 Feb 2018


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  • Age Friendly Cities and Communities publication
  • Carer aware and young carer’s awareness e -learning package
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  • Local heroes
  • Get to know your pension website

What’s on Information NOW this week

Articles, organisations and events and activities


Information NOW

Have you been wondering where you can take your dog when you want a drink. meal or a cup of coffee?  Information NOW has updated the pets and animals article to include links to pubs and cafes in Tyne and Wear and Northumberland. If this is one of your favourite articles then why not register on the site and save this article to your favourite shortlist.  You can then find the article quickly every time.

Growing threat of online fraud

Customers are increasingly becoming victims to online fraud according to the National Audit Office (NAO).   Age UK drew attention to a variety of scams where victims had been convinced to transfer money, and to the distress caused as well as the financial losses. Banks are aware of these ‘authorised push payments’ whereby the customer asks the bank to move money, but has been the victim of a scam convincing them to do so. However, whilst NAO has recommended that  police, banks and Action Fraud work together to reduce the impact on customers there is no uniform approach at present. Lloyds bank said that someone is far more likely to obtain a refund if a vulnerability has contributed to them being scammed.  At present there is £130 million funds that can’t be tracked back to victims that has been frozen by the judicial system.

Equally worrying is ‘card not present’ fraud which could be reduced if banks changed CVV numbers more regularly.  However, the plan is to develop new technologies and an industry-wide solution.

Read our Information NOW article to increase your awareness of scams and fraud and if you are a victim please remember to report it to Action Fraud.

Exposing scams and fraud

Plimsoll Productions are making a new prime time TV series which turns the tables on rogues traders who commit scams and fraud. They are interested in everything from dodgy bathroom fitters, unscrupulous builders, terrible plumbers,  to pressure-selling, rip-off aerial engineers and locksmiths who let you down.

If you, or someone you know has been the target of a bad tradesman or scammer who has overcharged, done bad work, caused damage or ripped people off, particularly the elderly or vulnerable, they’d like to hear from you.  To discuss your story contact the production company by email or on 07739990539.

Government plans to reduce loneliness

Tracey Crouch, Minister for Sport and Civil Society, has been appointed by the Prime Minister to develop policies and community engagement to connect people and reduce loneliness and isolation. “I want to confront this challenge for our society and for all of us to take action to address the loneliness endured by the elderly, by carers, by those who have lost loved ones – people who have no one to talk to or share their thoughts and experiences with.’ said Theresa May.

Martha (Alzheimer’s Machine III), 15-27 February 2018, NewBridge project, Market Street, Newcastle NE1 6NE

Martha is a fictional character living with Alzheimer’s Disease created by Matthew Pickering. Through a series of exhibitions which include films and photos, we learn about moments in her life which lead up to her moving into a care facility and experience her disconnect between perception and reality.

Read the Information NOW article on dementia.


Study into multiple diseases and ageing

Newcastle University has conducted a study into the growth of multiple diseases over the two decades.  At present it is anticipated that an older adult is in danger of having up to four disease including cancer, depression and diabetes .  The study calls for better treatment of multiple diseases rather than single specific diseases that we see now. Most important though is the message that we must keep fit and active to prevent obesity which is a major culprit in the risk of multiple diseases.

Women’s 100 Storybox, Grainger Market, 6 – 9 February

2018 celebrates the centenary of the Representation of the People Act which began the process of women’s suffrage, when women over the age of 30 who owned property were given the vote.  It was not until 1928 that universal suffrage for women was achieved.

The Women’s 100 is marking the occasion with a range of activities which celebrate women’s political voice and activism. They will hold all the material on their website. The Story Box by Curiosity Creative is one of these projects.

They would like to hear about the women who have made, or are making, a difference in your community, your city or more widely, using their voice and energy to campaign for a better tomorrow.  If you know of a woman (a family member, a friend, a neighbour or indeed any woman) who is making a difference in the lives of others, then visit the Storybox.

The Story Box will be installed in Grainger Market (at the Nun Street entrance) on 6 February from 10am – 4pm.  YOu can then watch the films between 7 – 9 February.


Are you inspirational?

McCarthy & Stone are providers of supported living, including Kenton Lodge. They are looking for inspirational stories and the prize is £2,000.  To find out more visit and read our housing for older people article.

Age Friendly Cities and Communities publication

As the drive towards creating age-friendly cities grows, this new book provides a comprehensive survey of theories and policies aimed at improving the quality of life of older people living in urban areas.  The book includes a manifesto for the age-friendly movement, focused around tackling social inequality and promoting community empowerment.. Available from Policy Press, you can purchase the book online here.

Carer Aware and Young Carer Aware e-learning package

Do you want to know more about how to recognise and help young carers?  The City Council has launched a new online package.  It covers who is a carer, a picture of caring,  the types of things that carers do, key legislation and the support available to carers of all ages in Newcastle.  This is an open access package so you just need to login, then click on “All other users” and include the following: Username: careraware and Password: welcome1

Vote for your Local Heroes

You have an opportunity to nominate someone who you think should be added to NewcastleGateshead’s ‘Walk of Fame’. Nominees should be recognised for their significant contribution to the region over the past sixty-years. Their contribution could include:  business, community, entertainment, medicine, politics, science, sport, and the arts. The person doesn’t have to originate from the region but needs to have played a major role in Newcastle and Gateshead. Cast your nomination online by16 February 2018.

Newcastle Parks Trust

Do you want to influence the Council’s plans for the Newcastle Parks Trust working with the National Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund?  Are you interested in joining the Board of Trustees?  Several opportunities have now been publicised for the role of Chair or Trustee with a closing date of 12 February. Apply online.

To find out more you can read a Parliamentary report on parks  and your can follow more about these developments here.

If you want to attend the feedback sessions, make a note of the dates/times below:
Date/Time                                       Area                         Venue
Saturday 10 February                     East                        Jesmond Dene
12 – 1 pm
Monday 12 February                      West                         Nunsmoor Centre
7– 8pm
Tuesday 13 February                      Central                     Civic Centre
7 – 8pm
Saturday 24 February                     Allotments                Civic Centre
12 – 1 pm


Local heroes website

Information NOW has updated information about getting repairs and decorating done to include a new British Gas innovation.  Local heroes is an online directory where you can search for heating engineers, plumbers and painters by completing fields including your postcode.  Work is guaranteed for 12 months.  The author couldn’t find local tilers or locksmiths but could find plumbers and heating engineers in the West of the City. Worth keeping on your radar.

Get to know your Pension website

The Get to know your Pension campaign encourages people to find out how much State Pension they could get and when they can access it.

The website helps with this by providing easy access to online forecasts and calculators. It also gives tailored information for people at different  stages in life, helping them to:

  • check if there could be gaps in their National Insurance record
  • trace lost pensions
  • learn about the benefits of a workplace pension

Read our article about pensions – which also covers pension scams.


Active Voices – Elders Council

The Active Voices course will start on Wednesday 14th February at the St Martin’s Centre.  If you are interested in being more active in your community and would like to meet up with like minded people to share your ideas, join us for this course on Wednesdays.  It’s free!  To book a place contact Anne at the Elders Council

Organisations – New and Updated

Voice (formerly Voice North)

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