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2 March 2018


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Consultation not confrontation

On 13 February, over 90 people from voluntary and community organisations and public sector teams attended a major conference hosted by NCVS at the Discovery Museum participate in ‘Conversation not Confrontation’.  Barbara Douglas and Anita Davies attended on behalf of Elders Council and Kate Bowman on behalf of Information NOW.  This conference was a milestone event to highlight concerns around hate crime and strategies, techniques and tools to tackle it.  As a result, Information NOW has updated its adult abuse article to remind us all what to look out for and how to report it.


Town Moor shortlisted for Britain’s best walking neighbourhood award

Vote now for the Town Moor to win this award.  #RamblersUrbanAward #TownMoor or visit the Ramblers website.


The Dream Palace: A People’s History of Tyneside Cinema, 3 to 31 March

In celebration of 80 years of Tyneside cinema, a film will be shown that tells the history of the Tyneside as well as the wider story of cinema-going around the world.
Featuring personal anecdotes from audience members, staff, and leading figures in film today – including Andrea Riseborough, Ken Loach and Mark Cousins. You can book now.


Free energy advice

Are you looking for free, independent and confidential energy advice?. Citizens Advice Newcastle have launched a new service.  Contact: 0370 141450 or email . For information about keeping warm in cold weather, choosing suppliers or heating problems, visit our Information NOW series of articles.


Attendance Allowance

AA is non-means-tested and is designed to help with disability-related daily living costs.  It is available to those 65 years or over who do not already receive personal independence payment (PIP) or disability living allowance.  Government figures show that claims have been falling since 2011 whilst our ageing population has been increasing.  Have you been put off by the paperwork or weren’t you aware of this benefit?  Read more in our Information NOW article which links you to sources of advice and help with the paperwork.


A good retirement

Demos, a cross party think tank, finds that 57 per cent of the public believe that the individual has greater responsibility than the Government in meeting the costs of care in retirement. At the same time, alarmingly only 56 per cent of people are saving for retirement costs and only five per cent are suitably financially prepared for covering possible care costs in later life. One in four of us believe that social care is free. 2000 people aged over 40 years, took part in the survey and focus groups last summer. Demos recommends that the Government makes clear proposals and offers credible advice so that the public saves for their future care needs. Visit Information NOW for articles on retirement and managing your money.

Is primary care ready to meet the demands of an ageing population?

Newcastle University has published research into the needs of people 85+ years and who they seek and receive medical help from. The study, which began in 2006, shows that this group has two or more complex health conditions but they are primarily treated by GPs and remain independent with help from family and friends. In the North East, we are struggling to recruit all the Doctors we need and this trend will put a strain our primary care services. The report recommends that geriatric experts in secondary care work closely to support GPs in the future and states that service reconfiguration may be required to achieve this.
For more information on health and ageing well, visit Information NOW articles and events and activities.



Volunteers for research

PaCT Lab, Northumbria University are looking for volunteers who are older adults for an interactive interview on the topic of cyber security. They are specifically looking for adults 60 + who live alone and who do not have friends or family nearby.The interview will last approximately 1.5-2 hours, and participants will receive a £20 intu gift card for their time.  The purpose of the interview is to understand where users are getting their internet and security information from, with the aim of improving communication channels for more effective sharing of good/useful advice. The project as a whole focuses on how different age groups understand cyber security and how we can help.

Priorities for quality reporting – NEAS

Every year North East Ambulance Service produces a Quality Report, which includes selecting priorities to improve patient safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience.  This year they are seeking public involvement in the selection of priorities including: sepsis, end of life care and cardiac arrest.  Take part by 19 March 2018.


NICE guideline on adult social care services

NICE has launched a new guideline on People’s experience in adult social care services. It covers good practice in the care and support of all adults who use services and aims to improve their  experience of services. People who use services were involved in the development of the guideline and the recommendations are based on what they consider to be important in their care and support.



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Table tennis or ping pong?

 Active Newcastle is offering informal table tennis playing opportunities across Newcastle for older adults.

Part of Table Tennis England’s national participation programme called Ping, we are looking for existing groups to offer a space and get involved.

Recent research has shown that table tennis sharpens the brain, is gentle on the joints and improves balance. Contact: Owen Jordan
For more fitness and hobbies information visit Information NOW.


Doorbells, 22 March at 6 pm, B&D Gallery, Commercial Union House, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1

Skimstone Arts supported by Elders CouncilCare and Repair England and Northumbria University, are staging ‘Doorbells’ aimed at people who are ageing without children and people caring for older relatives and friends.  What does our future look like as we get older? How will we live and with whom?  Just some of the questions behind this humorous and sensitive production.


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