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25 February, leisure and lifestyle issue

Our feature issue on leisure and lifestyle

Find out what’s going on in Newcastle using our leisure and lifestyle category
Our feature area: Fenham
Great Exhibition of the North Report
Milestones: journeying into adulthood
Allotments and the environment
Exposed: the Naked Portrait
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InformationNOW – leisure and lifestyle section

InformationNOW has been designed to help you get to the information that interests you, quickly.  We have a leisure and lifestyle section that covers a wide range of events and activities across the City and the North East.  Below, we have created links to a range of topics that you might like to explore further:

And don’t forget, we have an events and activities section. If you are looking for community and social events, then have a look through our categories, such as dancing and sports and fitness.


One of the great benefits of InformationNOW is that you can search the website in a variety of ways.  One of the main reasons for upgrading the website in 2017, was to give community and voluntary groups a place to promote their activities to as wide a range of people in the city as possible.  We are going to feature areas of the City in our newsletters, to show the diverse range of social and community activities available.

There are over 40 organisations listed for Fenham. These range from: Search, an organisation that supports older people to connect and learn new skills such as IT and using a computer or tablet; and The Slatyford Friendship Group which meets on Wednesdays and the Angelou Centre which supports black and minority ethnic women.  The FAR Centre runs social groups, arts and crafts and they aim to break down social isolation in Fenham.

There are a number of faith organisations in Fenham. These include: Christ Church, Destiny Church, English Martyrs and St Robert’s, Holy Cross, St James and St Basil’sSt Peter’s, Uwais Foundation and St George & St. Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church.  A number of these run activities, ranging from lunch clubs to singing groups and Robert Stewart Memorial church hosts carpet bowls and the She Choir.

Located on Fenham Hall Drive, why not pop into Fenham Pool or try the Foodworks Cafe, in Fenham Library.

There are many other organisations that work across the City, but are located in Fenham. These include: the Wise Group, Ways to Wellness and the Elders Council.

If you are associated with an organisation that you can’t find by searching and you  think it should be listed, please get in touch with us at  Any community or voluntary organisation can register and create a listing on our website.

Great Exhibition of the North Report

Last year, a thousand volunteers and 30 venues got involved in raising the profile of Newcastle and the North. The 80-day exhibition attracted an audience of over 3 million, the majority of whom would recommend Newcastle and Gateshead to others.

Councillor Kim McGuinness, cabinet member for culture, sport and public health at  Newcastle City Council said: “There was a genuine positive feeling in the city this summer, and that is reflected in this report

The evaluation was undertaken using a number of methodologies including: visitor surveys, social media activity, venue feedback, volunteer feedback and tourism data.   Here is a brief summary:

  • a total number of 3,218 articles were generated between April 2016 and September 2018
  • 20,586 children visited the Exhibition through the schools programme
  • Stephenson’s Rocket attracted 175,699 visits when it returned to its birthplace for display at the Discovery Museum alongside a VR experience
  • Hotel bookings in NewcastleGateshead reached record levels, with more than 505,000 hotel rooms occupied during Great Exhibition of the North – a 5% growth on the number of rooms sold during the same period in 2017.
  • 100,000 additional journeys were made on Tyne and Wear Metro during the Great Exhibition period – with 43% of visitors
    arriving at the Exhibition by public transport
  • 41% visitors came from the wider North ( eg Liverpool, Hull) 11% from the UK and 4% were international visitors
  • 59% of local people felt that the event had instilled their sense of community, whilst 85% were proud of the event itself

Milestones: journeying into adulthood

We used to think of getting married and having children as two of life’s most important milestones.  How are some of these important markers changing?.  The Office of National Statistics has published a visual article reviewing life’s most important milestones. Here are a few statistics:

  • in 2017, the first age at which young people had left home was 23 years, in 1997 over 50% of 21 year olds had already left home
  • living with parents is now the most common living arrangements for young adults
  • more than 50% of 27 year olds were living with a partner in 2017 (not much different to two decades earlier)
  • the age at which women have their first baby has changed from 27 years to 29 years in the last twenty years
  • today, people are more likely to have children than get married
  • in 2018, 55% of people were renting rather than buying, an increase of 20% on 1998
  • In 1993, the average house price was 4.9 times the average household salary of a household headed by a 16 to 24 year-old. In 2016, it was 8.2 times (a decline from its peak of 11.2 times in 2007)

Allotments and the environment

There are lots of reasons to get involved in an allotment.  it’s a great way to keep fit and active, you know exactly where your food has been grown and it keeps Newcastle a green a pleasant City with a population of bees (essential to pollinate our fruit and vegetables).

Contact the Allotments Officer or visit Newcastle Allotments to find out which plots are available now or to find out who is selling locally.

Recruiting now:
Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trusts are an independent charitable trust which will  take over responsibility for Newcastle’s Parks and Allotments from April 2019. This is a pioneering new charity operating in partnership with the people of Newcastle. The Charity is looking for a leader to create a positive culture which establishes, implements and delivers the Trusts’ operational business goals and to develop partnerships locally, regionally and nationally to ensure the delivery of the Trust’s services.

If you are interested in locally farmed produce, then you could contact North East Organic Growers and find out if they have a collection point near you in Newcastle.  You can arrange a trial of their service.

Have a look at our hobbies article for more on ideas on how to keep active and engaged.

Exposed: the Naked Portrait, till 3 March at the Laing Art Gallery

An opportunity to see naked portraits turned on their head. This exhibition is jointly curated between the National Portrait Gallery and the Laing Art Gallery

Throughout February (Wednesdays & Thursdays only) they’re offering 20% off admissions with their Facebook discount which expires on 28 February 2019

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