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    Social distancing and our bin crews

Opportunities for Action

Ideas to keep you occupied without the internet
Write to someone in a care home


Online Safeguarding training
Dementia contacts
Coronavirus translations


We have had a busy week this week, updating existing articles and creating new ones.

Domestic abuse – recognising signs and who can help
Personal safety – taking care at all times
Not sure don’t answer the door
Ways to report crime and community safety issues

CityLife Line has been set up, is to make sure that vulnerable people who are self isolating or recommended to stay at home are helped and supported by volunteers and staff that worked or volunteered for charities or known voluntary groups before this pandemic. This Citylife Line is a safe way to get your essential supplies – food, prescriptions and hygiene products.

What’s been achieved so far:
Morrisons store on Shields Road, Byker, donated 10 boxes of food and four trays of bread which were delivered to residents who had called CityLife line.
Over 400 residents have received support.

Stay connected during the Coronavirus – internet use

With the help of Ofcom we have written a page on how to stay connected during the Coronavirus.
We also draw your attention to:
Having issues using InformationNOW  which explains about problems that occur when browsing and the importance of clearing cookies.
How to tailor InformationNOW to your access needs

We have updated our article about what you can do online.

Preventing abuse and acts of terrorism during the coronavirus pandemic

Preventing abuse

Abuse takes a variety of forms and many people are vulnerable in our current circumstances.  Some people are home alone and isolated; some are not looking after themselves well; others are living together when they would normally spend much more time apart and it is a tense time for them and particularly children.

All we can ask, is that as a friend or good neighbour, volunteer or member of staff, you are watchful and observant when you are in touch with someone.  You may be making a phone call to befriend someone or calling with a delivery – how does that person seem to you?

Newcastle City Council has published a new page on preventing abuse or safeguarding someone and within that is a film to explain what to look for and what to do.

If you have a concern about an adult at risk, contact Community Health and Social Care Direct.

InformationNOW has articles on domestic abuse adult abuse, drugs and alcohol, mental health with a list of organisations that can help you.

Scams and fraud

Unfortunately, there are a number of scams and frauds, bogus callers and online cyber scams taking place right now.  InformationNOW has articles on preventing fraud and scams and bogus callers.

If you know your neighbour, then ask a neighbour, but if you are not sure – don’t open the door.

If you have been a victim please report it to Action Fraud, 0300 123 2040, even if the attempted scam wasn’t successful. You  may like to contact  Victim Support for help and support.

Prevent extremism or terrorism

You could be worried about someone for other reasons.  Being at home together has made you more aware of someone’s thoughts, feelings or behaviour which is more extreme, more fanatical (whether religious or political).  In this case, contact  Prevent in Newcastle or the Community Safety team on 0191 277 2072 or 07787 691345 or email 

Do you look after somebody?  The Coronavirus and you

If you provide unpaid care and support for someone in Newcastle, you are probably worried about what might happen if you are unable to offer care to them in the usual way. Support for you in your caring role is always available.

If you or someone you care for has received a NHS/GP/Hospital Clinician text, email or letter that you are highly vulnerable to Coronavirus, you can get support by self-registering or registering on behalf of someone else at

The Government have launched a new support service for people with a medical condition that makes them extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus, for help with things like deliveries of essential supplies and food. To register call 0800 028 8327.  You will need your NHS number – on a prescriptions or Doctor’s letter.

Newcastle Carers are here to help you 0191 275 5060

Carers UK has produced guidance for carers about Coronavirus and how carers can be better prepared.

British Red Cross are still operating and taking registrations for the emergency card scheme. They will risk assess any call outs to properties where a carer/family member registered with them cannot offer care in the usual way. You can contact the Emergency Card Co-ordinator for more information on 0191 273 7961 or 07921 872415 or by email

Learning disability

Inclusion North has some useful easy read and audio information relating to life during the Coronavirus.

Please remember to take part in the Carers UK State of Caring Survey researches the lives and experience of unpaid carers . The Survey will close on 17 May 2020.


Social distancing and our bin crews

Newcastle City Council has provided minibuses for its bin crews to be transported to their collection rounds so that social distancing guidelines can be met.

To help protect its bin crews, the council implemented stringent social distancing and hygiene measures.

Newcastle City Council has been able to work with colleagues in other parts of the City and local businesses to use 35 minibuses to ferry staff around and ensure social distancing rules can be met. This has included staff and minibuses from the Special Education Needs and Disability team.

Latest scams and cyber incidents information from Northumbria Police

Please note and ignore, do not click or respond. Delete:

  • Universal Credit Scams – DWP will not ask for your bank details
  • Government Text Scam – criminals are able to use spoofing technology to send texts and emails impersonating them asking for money to help with testing kits and supporting others
  • The latest phishing emails – Virgin media are cancelling subscriptions, asking you to invest now

Have you used the Marriott Hotel chain.  There’s been a data breach.  For Information on the recent Hotel Marriott recent data breach Tel 0800 345 7018

Five to Stop Fraud

Take Five is a national campaign offering straight-forward, impartial advice that helps prevent email, phone-based and online fraud – particularly where criminals impersonate trusted organisations.

Ideas to keep you occupied over Easter and beyond without the internet


Make an Easter Egg decoration using a boiled egg

1. Boil an egg and let it cool. 2. Decorate the egg using old nail varnish or a marker. 3. Make patterns using ‘x’s and dots. 4. Stick on a bead from a broken necklace – nail varnish will stick the bead to the top. 5. Put your egg in an egg cup.

Make up a quiz (here’s one we found)

Here’s one to get you thinking
Q1. What fruit or vegetable is a rich source of lycopene and was brought to Europe in the 16th Century by Spanish Conquistadors? Q2. On television many years ago, what type of creature was Flipper? Q3. In the sixties who had a No.1 hit with “Eleanor Rigby”? Q4. What type of reference book was “Bradshaw’s Guide”? Q5. What type of building is the Adelphi in London?

Desert Island Discs

Phone a friend or Facetime to create your own Desert Island Discs.  Become a castaway and choose your favourite songs that you’d want to take with you. You can also choose one book.

What’s in your wardrobe?

Take your oldest item of clothing out of the wardrobe. Think about the life it has lived, where it has been, what events it has witnessed. Task: Write a short story from the perspective of that garment.

Thanks to the @Cares Family #AloneTogether

Write to someone in a care home – help them keep connected

EqualArts is encouraging us all to take pen to paper – to write a letter, poem to draw a picture for people in care homes.  EqualArts has a section called HenPals and they work with care homes across Tyne & Wear.  They have had close connections with Balmoral court for some time.  You will need to take a photo, scan it or email it if you typed it to


Online learning

Safeguarding E-learning is free for anyone living, volunteering or working in Newcastle. You can sign up to access e-learning via Virtual College and there are courses covering safeguarding adults and children.

Dementia contacts

Dementia Matters – 0191 217 1323  or email

Search Newcastle in the West End  0191 273 7443

Translated Coronavirus documents from Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World has updated coronavirus guidance (version 3 -24.03.2020) in 28 languages to reflect the changes made regarding the lock down rules for the whole population in the UK.

The Government has translated some of its Coronavirus guidance into 11 languages
Shielding vulnerable persons
Stay at home guidance

Last updated: April 7, 2020

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