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7 June, InfoNOW Features


  • Dementia Action week #AskUsAnything
  • Access to mental health services
  • Type 2 diabetes service
  • CQC interim review published


  • Carers Week 10 – 16 June
  • Healthy eating week, 10 – 14 June
  • Celebrating volunteers
  • Creativity and wellbeing week 10 – 16 June
  • Slow Museums

Dementia Action Week #AskUsAnything

Following a successful week of action at the Grainger Market in Newcastle we are continuing to support a Dementia Friendly Newcastle 

Alzheimer’s Society’s research shows that many people are worried about ‘saying the wrong thing’ to people living with dementia. Two-thirds of people living with dementia report feeling isolated and lonely.

If you know someone affected by dementia, why don’t you get in touch?  It can be difficult to know what to say. But Alzheimer’s Society has teamed up with people affected by dementia to give you the best tips for getting a conversation started:

  • ‘Talk to me, smile, be a little patient and give me time to reply.’
  • ‘A simple ‘hello’, ask about the weather, anything that you feel comfortable with.’
  • ‘Just be yourself and yes, we will make mistakes but it’s ok to laugh along with us.’
  • ‘I love it when people ask me questions. It gives me an opportunity to show that people with dementia exist, that we can still contribute to things going on around us and that life goes on. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like me again’
  • ‘Just don’t ask if I remember.’
  • ‘Don’t be afraid. All it takes is a conversation to see we’re still us.’

If you’re still unsure on how to get the conversation started, they can help you. Read their Ask Us Anything booklet for more tips and advice. You don’t have to be nervous saying the wrong thing either. They’ve got tips on how to talk to somebody living with dementia on their blog.

Access to mental health services

In the last Info NOW news we told you about some of the Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust services we had added to InformationNOW.  Further services include: Young people’s service, the Memory assessment service, Castleside day unit, Willow View recovery and rehabilitation unit and the Newcastle drug and alcohol Service.


Type 2 diabetes service

A new NHS online support portal for people with Type 2 Diabetes will be available later this year.  The study aimed to help people manage their condition independently and prevent the condition becoming worse.

Trials of the service showed people making use of the online courses and information reduced their blood glucose levels, a crucial part of managing Type 2 diabetes. Eleven sites will now pilot the new service including sites within Cumbria and the North East.

InformationNOW has an article on diabetes and there are support groups in the North East.


CQC Interim Review published

The Interim Review of restraint, prolonged seclusion and segregation for people with a mental health problem, a learning disability and or autism has been published by the Care Quality Commission.

Findings based on 39 people include:

  • many people had been communicating their distress and needs in a challenging way since childhood and services were unable to meet their needs.
  • a high proportion of people in segregation had autism.
  • some of the wards did not have a built environment that was suitable for people with autism
  • many staff lacked the necessary training and skills.
  • some people were experiencing delayed discharge from hospital and a prolonged time in segregation, because there was no suitable package of care available in a non-hospital setting.

Carers week,10 – 16 June 2019 – Getting carers connected

It is Carers week and there are lots of activities being held to recognise and celebrate the contribution that carers make to friends, family, community and society.  We need to show them that they are not alone and let them know that support is available.

As part of Carers Week, representatives from services supporting carers in Newcastle, such as:Newcastle Carers, British Red Cross, PROPS, Ostara and Newcastle City Council will be hosting an information and advice drop in session in the Grainger Market between 1.30pm and 4.30pm on Tuesday 11 June.

Newcastle Carers will be hosting  the Carer Friendly Communities Awards Ceremony on Thursday 13 June at the Discovery Museum between 12 and 3pm, to celebrate the contribution made by carers.  All welcome.  There will be a light buffet lunch and information stands.

Newcastle and NorthTyneside PROPS will be holding a month of activities,  Next week, on Wednesday 12 June, they will be at Fenham library:

  1.          12:00 – 13:00 Introduction to Pilates with Kim Peebles
  2.          13:00 – 14:00 Light Lunch included
  3.          14:00 – 15:00 Choice of Tai Chi Mindfulness or Reflexology

There are further events on the following two weeks at Whitley Bay and the Linskill Centre. To book your place, please text/phone Helen on 07811 150074 with your name and preference.

According to Carers UK, 1 in 10 adults (7 million) are carers and a third of informal carers are aged 65 and over, while the number of those aged 75 and over has increased by 35% since 2001.  In particular, those aged 54 to 65 years are often looking after grandchildren as well as an ageing parent.  Others are working, looking after their own children and their older relative or friend.  There is also evidence that people retire early to care for someone, often affecting their future financial security.

Newcastle Carers is a charity that offers resources and confidential advice and support to help you manage your caring role.  You don’t always need to plan ahead and make an appointment; you may access their services wherever you are.  Follow this link to find a drop in that may be convenient to you.  Options include: Byker, Gosforth, Lemington, West End.  They also have a series of Carers cafes that you can attend for informal support, advice and respite.They also offer individual support and you can make an appointment.  Listening Link is a telephone support service for carers in Newcastle. It links you to a volunteer who will call you regularly to offer a listening ear, particularly at a difficult time.

Newcastle and North Tyneside PROPS support families and friends affected by a loved one’s drug or alcohol misuse.  They can offer one to one work, peer support groups, training around substance misuse. They also offer carer and family training and support, respite breaks and an emergency  out of hours telephone helpline.

InformationNOW issued a carers special last year to collate handy information about what’s available in the City.

Healthy Eating week, 10 – 14 June

Here is an opportunity to think about how you live.  British Nutrition Foundation  (BNF) run a campaign each year.  At the heart of BNF Healthy Eating Week are five health challenges:

  • have breakfast
  • eat 5 fruit and veg a day
  • drink plenty
  • get active
  • sleep well – NEW for 2019

Active Newcastle are promoting healthy eating week within the City Council, but it would be great if all the employers in Newcastle got involved and supported the campaign next week – a healthy workforce will increase your productivity and support the mental wellbeing of your staff.

InformationNOW has articles on healthy eating and drinking and 10 tips for good health.


Celebrating volunteers

This week is volunteering week and if you are keen to volunteer and want some ideas about who to join, then why not attend the Volunteer Centre’s session at Good Space, Commercial Union House, 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday 8 June?  There will be a number of organisations who will welcome more volunteers.

Why volunteer? Volunteering is where you offer your time and skills for free to a charity, organisation or an individual who is not a member of your family or a friend.  It might involve anything from becoming a Trustee of a charity, sitting on a project group, handing out leaflets and offering support to someone with a medical condition or who is housebound. You could also consider product or technology testing, taking part in online surveys, volunteering as an advocate or taking part in research.

InformationNOW collated lots of volunteering information in a previous Info NOW News.

The Centre for Ageing Better has published their Guide to making the most of volunteers’ talents  Age-friendly and inclusive volunteering


Creativity and Wellbeing Week, 10 – 16 June 2019

The Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance is a new organisation that brings together arts, heritage, museums and galleries with health and wellbeing organisations, facilitators, workers and professionals. It represents everyone who believes that cultural engagement and participation can transform our health and wellbeing.  Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums is promoting regional events and activities happening throughout Creativity and Wellbeing Week.  Examples of what’s on:

Download the full brochure


Slow Museums

Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums are working with Katherine Vero – the founder of Slow Shopping to provide a welcoming environment for anyone who needs more time to visit local museums and galleries. They support people with communication or literacy difficulties, people living with dementia, anxiety or stroke survivors,as well as their families and carers. Staff have received extra training and are delighted to offer a warm welcome.

They offer:

  • dedicated time each month where staff can assist anyone who needs more time.
  • extra seating and a supportive environment for you to find out more about the culture and history of the North East.
  • planned exhibits and lots of little extras to help you explore.

Visitors are not identified as having additional needs and there is no separation which can be the source of more stress.

For more information visit our Dementia Friendly Newcastle page.


Last updated: July 23, 2020

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