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  • Stay connected during the coronavirus outbreak
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Opportunities for Action

  • What to do without the internet this weekend
  • Updates on information related to the coronavirus outbreak: water, gas and electricty, deaf sign, water, children’s guide


  • Free radios, TV and computers
  • And there’s more (funding and training)
  • Doctors of the World translations

Updates to InformationNOW this week:

Food support in the City
Foodbanks and free emergency food
Free meals and cheap food
Meals at home

Changing Lives, homeless support
CityLife line
FAR community centre 
Families 1st 4 additional needs
Junction 42
Christians against poverty
Sporting Chance North East
Building Futures North East
Vegetarian for Life 

Staying connected on the Internet


Easter worship during the coronavirus outbreak
Quick links to virtual activity online
Staying connected during the coronavirus – wifi and device managementCharity and voluntary sector
New Croft Sexual Health Centre
Diabetes UK Northern
Props North East
Shelter North East
Crisis Skylight
Alzheimer’s NewcastleNHS
CNTW including visiting information
RVI and Freeman Hospitals

Stay connected during the Coronavirus – internet use

With the help of Ofcom we have written a page on how to stay connected during the Coronavirus.
We also draw your attention to:

Mental health and homeworking

What you can do online

We have updated our article about what you can do online and created a new article with quick links to virtual activity online – from arts to gardening and music to geography.  A few are listed here:

Deliveries to your door

In a bid to keep young people at home, Streetwise now offer deliveries of condoms and period products through the C-card scheme; telephone 07852 107803

The Grainger Market delivered 3,500 food boxes to local communities in a single week.  They have set boxes of Fruit and Vegetables from a selection of green grocers, bakery goods from The French Oven, fresh meat products from Oliver & Eden, Finlay’s  and Geordie Bangers. Along with fresh Fish from both Lindsay’s’ and Chirton fishmongers.

CityLife Line has been set up as a joint voluntary and statutory initiative and is a safe way to get your essential supplies – food, prescriptions and hygiene products.

FAR centre in the West has delivered 80 Emergency food parcels to isolated vulnerable people, 63 trays from Marks & Spencer before the safe distancing regulations came in and 80 trays of bread & fruit in three weeks

Scran 4 Fam has been set up to deliver soup to families in the West End.
it really makes us proud to be Northern and showcases positive network leverage at a time of need.

We’ve been made aware of individuals in the East End of Newcastle posing as YHN or Council employees and visiting properties claiming that they are there to enforce COVID-19 regulations.   All staff will wear ID so please check it.

Only police can ‘enforce’ social distancing regulations. You should report anyone claiming this who is not a uniformed police officer to Northumbria Police.

Easter worship

Churches and faith groups have been in touch with opportunities to take part in mass, morning prayer, stations of the cross, Easter vigil and Easter Sunday services.

Our article takes you to a series of links to choose from.

Coronavirus Act 2020

The Coronavirus Bill has passed through Parliament and has now received Royal Assent to become law as the Coronavirus Act 2020. The Act’s purpose is to ease the burden on NHS and adult social care staff, be time-limited for two years, used when strictly necessary and to be switched off once no longer necessary.
The Act has five key areas:

  • increasing the available health and social care workforce
  • easing the burden on front line staff
  • containing and slowing the virus
  • managing the deceased with respect and dignity
  • supporting people

Be aware

Helping victims of domestic abuse during lockdown
Nationally domestic abuse charities have reported a 25% increase in the number of requests for help since the Government’s stay indoors restrictions came into force last month. It is feared that perpetrators use social distancing to further isolate their victims which places greater stress on families. The opportunities for victims and their children to safely and confidentially seek support may also be reduced.

Domestic abuse – recognising signs and who can help is a useful article.  You may be making a phone call to befriend someone or calling with a delivery – how does that person seem to you?

Newcastle City Council has published a new page on preventing abuse or safeguarding someone and within that is a film to explain what to look for and what to do.

If you have a concern about an adult at risk, contact Community Health and Social Care Direct.

Be alert to cyber crime

Don’t enter your personal bank account details and don’t click on phishing emails that may embed malware software. scams  ignore text messages from the government claiming to be fining you for leaving the house

HMRC relief scam
Fraudsters are sending texts supposedly from HMRC offering relief money to help those in need

Health information scam
Be suspicious of unexpected emails from the NHS and the World Health Organisation claiming to offer help and advice

Be suspicious of investments that sound too good to be true – even green or ethical investments. Check the company is on the FCA register.

Good Samaritans
Be careful what personal information you post on Facebook and Instagram.  Fraudsters trawl
online platforms for data like name, address, email, phone number, place of work, health issues, date of birth. They use these details to target or impersonate people to commit fraud.  Use CityLife line.

Online offers for vaccinations
Ignore online adverts for vaccinations. Currently there are no vaccines, medicines, creams or other medical products that can treat or cure Covid-19.

Fake charity appeals and crowdfunders
There are many worthy causes to support at this time, but be sure you are sending your money to the right organisation and not a fraudulent account. Check with friends and check the Charities Commission website.

Please note the message about the East End fraud in Deliveries to your door section.

Five to Stop Fraud

Take Five is a national campaign offering straight-forward, impartial advice that helps prevent email, phone-based and online fraud – particularly where criminals impersonate trusted organisations.

What to do without the internet this weekend

Building on last week’s ideas, we have several more to add to your list of non screen activity.

1.We assume that you will be playing board games.  If you have a garden, play them outside.

2. We may be spending lots of time in our homes, but we bet there are plenty of things we own that we’ve forgotten all about  Task: Find objects around your home that start with each letter of the alphabet. If you can’t find one, imagine something you’d like to own beginning with that letter.

3.Collages use lots of different materials to create a picture of something. Task: Make a collage of somewhere you like visiting in your community using old newspapers, magazines and paper

4. In the Philip Pullman novels about dust, the characters each have a daemon (animal or bird) that is part of their personality.  Task: choose a daemon and draw it.

Updates on information related to the Coronavirus outbreak

DWP easements to local unpaid carers
Easements are temporary measures the Government has introduced during the coronavirus

DWP has introduced two important temporary measures to help unpaid carers through the current emergency.

Unpaid carers will be able to continue to claim Carer’s Allowance if they have a temporary break in caring, because they or the person they care for gets Coronavirus or if they have to isolate because of it. Under normal rules there are restrictions on breaks in care, but these have been lifted.

Providing emotional support rather than just more traditional forms of care to a disabled person will also now count towards the Carer’s Allowance threshold of 35 hours of care a week.

Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water are offering payment breaks for people affected my coronavirus, in addition to their usual schemes. The missed payments during the break period will be collected in future payments, so it isn’t suitable for residents who will be unable to make up their payments in future months. More information is available here

Gas and electricity

Gas and electricity suppliers have agreed an emergency package of measures to ensure vulnerable households don’t get cut off amid the coronavirus outbreak. More information is available here


Many banks are raising the contactless payment to £45 and offering overdrafts of up to £300 during this period.

Moneywise Credit Union
Bank online or visit the Byker Branch

Deaf signing on coronavirus information

The Deaf Health Charity SignHealth is publishing updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19) in British Sign Language (BSL) every day.

Children’s information on the coronavirus
by author of the Gruffalo

Grocery shopping guide for special diets


WaveLength gives radios, televisions, and tablet computers, free of charge

For people who are lonely, a simple radio, television, or tablet can feel like a lifeline.

They help people who have become lonely through lots of different circumstances including the coronavirus.  Please note they will be very busy at present. Some of these include:

– the death of a loved one
– illness or injury
– disability or impairment
– homelessness
– domestic abuse

please e-mail or call 0800 0182137.

And there’s more ….

Coronavirus response fund
Northumbria Police and Crime commissioner has brought forward this fund.


NEA Training Services is offering a free (to non-commercial organisations) online course on fuel poverty and health. The course materials have been updated to include information for front line workers on the energy advice and support available in relation to Covid-19.

Translated Coronavirus documents from Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World has updated coronavirus guidance 44 languages to reflect the changes made regarding the lock down rules for the whole population in the UK.


Last updated: August 27, 2020

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