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Community Centres and hubs

Community centres and hubs are a great way to meet new families, check on the health and wellbeing of your children and family, get involved in local activities and groups, make new friends, keep fit

What’s on in my community?

Community Centres and hubs have regular programmes of activity for adults, children, as well as for children and families.  These include:

Where’s my nearest Community Centre?

Please see the handy list of ‘Useful Organisations’ at the bottom of this page which displays alphabetically.  This is our list of Community Centres and hubs in Newcastle, so you can find out what’s happening near you. Contact them for more information.  You can click through to a Google map link on each listing.

Children & Families Newcastle hubs

Children & Families Newcastle is part of a community network providing activities and services across four localities in the city for babies, children, young people and families.

The  activities and services available in each locality reflect what communities tell the Council teams is important to them. Each locality is led by a voluntary and community organisation that also links with other organisations and services across their locality, including smaller voluntary sector organisations and schools.

There is a community hub in each of the localities. Community hubs link to other buildings in the locality to create a network of buildings that offer activities and services.

What are community hubs?

Community hubs are vibrant social spaces that offer a range of practical, educational and wellbeing activities for babies, children, young people and families.  Activities offered in each local area are shaped by views from the local community.

Community hubs also offer a range of services including: health visiting, family support, community midwifery, mental health support, children’s therapies, youth provision, training opportunities, childcare and employability services.

Communities and Neighbourhoods

Neighbourhood Planning

Communities are able to establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood by preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. They are able to say, for example, where new homes and offices should be built, and what they should look like. The neighbourhood plan will set a vision for the future. It can be detailed, or general, depending on what local people want.

Neighbourhood Plans are prepared by local community groups not the City Council, although they can provide guidance and technical assistance. In areas which are covered by a Parish Council it is only the Parish Council that can prepare a Neighbourhood Plan. In non-parish areas a Neighbourhood Forum will need to be established and approved by the City Council.

You may find it useful to work with a Locality Champion.

Last updated: September 24, 2021