Laundry services

Sometimes you may need a helping hand with your house work. Washing and drying your clothes can be a difficult job. Help is available if you need it to manage washing and drying your clothes and bedding.

Laundrettes in your community

You can take you laundry to a community laundrette to wash and dry your clothes.

Caring Hands Charity has a community laundrette in Shieldfield. You can was your own clothes using their machines or pay to have your clothes washed, dried and folded.

The Coin-Op Laundrette 72 Heaton Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5HL telephone 0191 240 0422

The Swiss-Wash 5-7 Fenham Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 5AE telephone 0191 273 9731

Revolution laundry washing machines and tumble driers  outside of Morrisons open 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Address: 200 Two Ball Lonnen, Morrisons, Newcastle, Cowgate, NE4 9SZ

Laundry services available in Newcastle

You can have your washing collected, cleaned and delivered to your home. This is helpful  when you are unable to take your washing to a laundrette. There is a charge for these services.

Caring Hands Charity community laundrette can help runs a same day laundry collection and delivery service for older people in Sheildfield. They can deliver to some other areas in Newcastle.  You can also pay at the laundrette for a serviced or self wash.

Older people in Newcastle

Search Newcastle run the Search@Home Service for older people living in the West End of Newcastle. They can help with cleaning, shopping, laundry and to attend appointments.

The Grange Centre provide and outreach service for help at home with housework, shopping and befriending.  They can also help you to attend hospital appointments and take part in community activities.

Home care services that can help with laundry

You can see the full list of home care providers on InformationNOW that can offer laundry services. If you have a washing machine in your home, they can support you to wash and dry your clothes as part of your home care service.

The services listed below have been commissioned (contracted) by Newcastle City Council to provide home care for adults in the city. You can contact them to arrange your own support.

Area of Newcastle Home care agencies commissioned by Newcastle City Council
North Be Caring 

Telephone: 0191 281 4363



North Lincoln Health 

Telephone: 0191 286 1444

North Careline

Telephone: 0191 216 1207

East Dale Care 

Telephone: 0191 466 1388

East Hales Group

Telephone0191 737 1112

Email[email protected]


East St Anthony of Padua 

Telephone: 0191 234 5775

Inner West Life Choices Plus limited (trading as Every Day) 

Telephone: 0191 287 7028

Inner West Merit Home Care  (Kay Care)

Telephone: 0191 229 1010

Inner West Springfield Healthcare

Telephone: 0191 327 7998

Email: [email protected]


Outer West KD Care Services

Telephone: 0191 372 6944

Email: [email protected]


Outer West My Homecare Ltd 

Telephone: 0191 563 4940

Outer West Right At Home

Telephone: 0191 215 5555

Email:  [email protected]


Outer West The Grange: Outreach Service

Telephone: 01912673728

Email: [email protected]


Are you finding it harder to manage at home?

Community Health and Social Care Direct at Newcastle City Council  give information, signposting and support to adults in Newcastle who are struggling at home with day to day activities. This could be anything from moving around your home, activities of daily living or caring for someone. Call them to find out more about help that’s available for you or your carer.

Support for Carers

Looking after someone can be hard work. If you are caring for someone who couldn’t manage without your help, you can get support.

Newcastle Carers support adults, children and young people who care for someone living in Newcastle upon Tyne. Call their Information Line to talk about your caring role and to find out how they can help you. This is a free, confidential and non-judgmental service.

Other useful information

Last updated: October 16, 2023