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Vandalism and graffiti

Vandalism and graffiti can contribute greatly to the fear of crime. Research has shown that graffiti adds to the degradation of a neighbourhood, affecting people’s sense of safety and security. To try to combat this, local authorities spend considerable sums of money every year removing graffiti.

What is Vandalism and Graffiti?

Without the permission of the owner, graffiti is criminal damage. This is a crime and should be reported as such. Anyone caught committing this kind of damage could be arrested.

How do I report it?

To report any acts of vandalism or illegal graffiti to Newcastle City Council property or street furniture, such as park benches, contact Your Local Services (formerly Envirocall).

To report any acts of vandalism or illegal graffiti to private property, call Northumbria Police .

Other useful information provides non-judgemental information and advice about crime. You can send information about a crime anonymously using their website. It educates and empowers young people about crime, allowing them to feel Fearless when speaking up against crime.

Last updated: June 10, 2021