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Support for asylum seekers and refugees
My cycle, my mobility aid
Urban Green Newcastle


Cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment
Ask Your Pharmacist Week
Alcohol awareness week


Updates to articles, new organisations and events


Support for asylum seekers and refugees

Newcastle City Council is a recognised City of Sanctuary committed to welcoming people seeking sanctuary and helping to rebuild their lives. InformationNOW has published an article on support for asylum seekers and refugees based on information taken from the Newcastle Health Access Card (first edition October 2018) developed by Public Health, Newcastle City Council in partnership with the Regional Refugee Forum and Connected Voice -Haref.

My Cycle, My Mobility Aid

Wheels for wellbeing is running a public information campaign aimed at raising awareness of bicycles as a mobility aid – they are not currently legally recognised as such. Amongst other things, disabled cyclists are being encouraged to take part in a social media campaign, using the hashtag #MyCycleMyMobilityAid, and to send in photos and stories as ways of raising awareness of when cyclist areas and mobility scooter areas do not coincide, so forcing disabled cyclists to dismount when they may not be able to walk.

InformationNOW has an article on self care and disability.

Urban Green Newcastle

Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust has launched its new brand and website.  If you want to find out more about local parks, volunteering, events taking place or contact the allotments officer then visit Urban Green Newcastle.

InformationNOW has information on parks and volunteering at parks in Newcastle. Fnd out more about volunteering opportunities across the City.


Cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment

The NHS Long Term Plan has a number of public health priorities.   These include:

  • by 2028, the proportion of cancers diagnosed at stages 1 and 2 will increase from around half to three-quarters
  • by 2020 the HPV primary screening for cervical cancer will be implemented across England
  • personalised and risk stratified screening will be used to test the family members of cancer patients where they may be at an increased risk of cancer

Whilst a number of cancers now have screening programmes, including bowel, breast, prostate and cervix, there are other cancers that haven’t achieved the same level of focus.

Screening means testing people for early stages of a disease before they have any symptoms. For screening to be useful the tests:

  • need to be reliable at picking up cancers
  • overall must do more good than harm to people taking part
  • must be something that people are willing to do

Lung cancer
At present, there is no screening programme for lung cancer, but some parts of the country will be doing lung health checks from this month.   NHS England are looking at using low dose CT (computer and x-rays) scans as a possible screening test for lung cancer for people who smoke and people who used to smoke.  People have a higher risk of lung cancer if they are over 75 years, smoke and have been at risk from toxic substances.  Air pollution is also a serious cause.  Look out for a letter and help develop a screening test that works.

For help and support or to campaign for improved diagnosis and treatment, contact the British Lung Foundation.

If you or anyone you know has a lung condition, please have your flu vaccination and take part in the Council’s clean air survey.

Pancreatic cancer

Whilst there are plans for improved lung cancer diagnosis and screening, pancreatic cancer
has not received the same level of investment or strategy.  Pancreatic Cancer UK seek your support to lobby the government to focus on pancreatic cancer.   Their new campaign, Demand Survival Now, has been launched.  Awareness campaigns do make a difference.  In 2005 a  lung surgery audit was made leading to double the surgeries made, followed by a lung cancer pathway that has saved lives.   Join their campaign to make our UK government take action by investing in pancreatic cancer research and treatments.

Ask Your Pharmacist Week, 11-18 November 2019

Ask your pharmacist week promotes community pharmacies as the first place to call on for help with minor illnesses.

The key messages are:

  • Community pharmacists are highly qualified health care professionals, who can provide clinical advice for common illnesses and support you to stay well
  • Pharmacists work with other professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to give you the best possible care, as part of the local NHS team
  • visit your local pharmacy if you want clinical advice and prompt treatment for common illnesses like coughs, colds, eye infections and earaches.

Find out more about pharmacies on InformationNOW.

Alcohol Awareness Week, 11-17 November 2019

Alcohol Awareness Week is a chance for the UK to get thinking about drinking. This year Alcohol Change UK’s theme is Alcohol and me.  The more you drink the more likely it is that alcohol will harm your health. To keep health risks from alcohol to a low level it is safest not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis.  If you need help, support or advice for you or someone else, then you can contact Change Grow Live and PROPS North East.

Alcohol is England’s second biggest cause of premature deaths behind tobacco. 34 per cent of men and 28 per cent of women exceeded current consumption guidelines on at least one day in the last week. As part of the NHS Long Tem plan, hospitals with the highest rate of alcohol dependence-related admissions will establish Alcohol Care Teams, which could prevent 50,000 admissions over five years.

What can you do?

If you know someone who drinks excessively, you can support them by referring them to one of the agencies in Newcastle listed above or point them to these fact sheets:

  • alcohol related brain damage
  • alcohol and fitness
  • alcohol and calories
  • alcohol and cancer

InformationNOW also has articles on healthy eating and drinking and addictions.


Updated organisations

Urban Green Newcastle
Macular Society
Connected Voice (new brand for NCVS)

New and Updated articles

Parks and Gardens

New Events

Macular society support group
New category reading – send us your events, activities for this section.
Newcastle thyroid support meeting
Carers Rights Day
Computer learning activities this week

Between Worlds, 13 to 15 November, Northern Stage

Are you caring for someone with dementia? Would you relocate your family member with dementia to Thailand to receive adequate care? Between Worlds explores the outsourcing of dementia care from Germany, Switzerland, North America and the United Kingdom to Thailand.

Students at Newcastle University undertook research work  in collaboration with social scientists at British Colombia University and Costa Compagnie, looking at the outsourcing of dementia care. This research has resulted in a performance piece being created which will be performed at the Northern Stage. After each show, there will be a discussion about the issues which are raised in the performance.  See the trailer

You can order tickets from Northern Stage at £10 per person or if you quote Global you may receive 50% off depending on availability. If you are a carer and would like to attend you can request a complimentary ticket by emailing

Find out about dementia and find events and activities and support on InformationNOW.

Last updated: December 4, 2019

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