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Your Equipment Newcastle
Courts open at Civic Centre
National disability strategy
Electoral register

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Health and Social Care services – have your say.

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Supporting children and families through Covid
Fairness and opportunity: a people-powered plan for the green transition


I am roadsmart
Weight change and associated health problems

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Your Equipment Newcastle

We have been looking at our data and we had 236 visitors to Your Equipment Newcastle last month.We are delighted with these results and hope that people are able to find the equipment and aids to help them live independently at home.  They will also be signposted to services if that is more appropriate.

  • 194 visitors arrived direct
  • 14 via Google
  • 8 via InformationNOW
  • 1 via our Corporate ChatBot

Your Equipment Newcastle has been designed by the Disabled Living Foundation to make daily living easier for people who may have problems carrying out day to day tasks. The guided advice that you received when you answer questions on a topic, has been written by occupational therapists.  Already people are telling us that it is useful, quick and easy. Products range from hand rails and adjustable seats to bath seats, items to help avoid falls or scalds, and transferring in and out of baths.

Read home adaptations, equipment and aids for more information.

Courts officially opened at Newcastle Civic Centre

The Newcastle Civil, Family and Tribunals Centre – a major part of the refurbishment of the Civic Centre, officially opened on 14 July 2021. The 25 courtrooms for civil, family and tribunal hearings replace other buildings that previously heard this work. Set across three floors, all the courtrooms are equipped for remote hearings. They will deal with civil and family work as well as immigration and asylum, employment and social security and child support tribunals. More than 130 members of courts and judiciary staff will work at the building, and all civil, family and tribunal work in the city will now primarily take place at the new centre.InformationNOW has articles on: where to get legal advice

National Disability Strategy published

This week the Government has published its National Disability Strategy.

The strategy aims to transform the lives of disabled people across the UK, tackling the barriers that prevent many disabled people from fully benefiting from, and contributing to, every aspect of our society.

Bringing together departments and agencies across Government, the National Disability Strategy is focused on the priorities that disabled people have highlighted through one of the largest listening exercises of its kind. It includes a wide-ranging set of practical actions to improve the everyday lives of disabled people.

Its focus ranges across public services, housing, transport, education, leisure, shopping, employment, and rights and perceptions.

The Strategy is also available in alternative formats.

Information NOW has a section on disability

Don’t lose your voice – check your details are correct on the electoral register

Residents have been reminded to check they are registered on the electoral register to vote on matters that affect them. Each year, Newcastle City Council has to conduct an annual canvas to keep the electoral register up to date, identifying anyone eligible who is not registered to vote, so that they can be encouraged to do so. Letters are being sent out to every household in the city and with elections taking place in Newcastle in May 2022, it is an important opportunity to make sure you can have your say.

Interested in coding?

Start your career journey with the 5 Day Coding Challenge. Learn the basics of HTML, CSS & JavaScript to discover if coding is the career path for you.  Free, five day course.

InformationNOW has articles on: getting onlinework and retirement

Health and Social care services  – have your say

Have you used local health, social care or wellbeing services recently? What works and what you would like to see improve?  Services could include: GP, dentist, counselling, hospice or home care or a OT assessment, equipment loan or social work support.

Your views matter, so please tell Healthwatch Newcastle and Healthwatch Gateshead about your experiences in their survey. The results will be shared anonymously with service providers so that everyone receives the best possible care.

InformationNOW has articles on: health and care 

Access to work grant

There are 4.2 million people with disabilities currently employed in the UK.  However, only a fraction of them, 36,240 people, benefited last year from the grant support provided by Access to Work.  Some of your workforce could be struggling in silence, unaware that help is at their fingertips.
Providing staff with the right support tools or ‘reasonable adjustments’ means they can get their job done as efficiently as possible, which has a positive impact on productivity and your bottom line.  For example an Access to Work grant can pay for:

  • special equipment, adaptations or support worker services to help you do things like answer the phone or go to meetings
  • help getting to and from work

InformationNOW has a section on disability which covers disability rights, benefits and access

Supporting children and families through Covid: What we’ve learned from our UK Emergency Response

Save the Children published a new report which sets sets out what we have learned about families’ experiences of the pandemic from data drawn from our Emergency Response programme. The Emergency Response was set up in April 2020 in response to the pandemic, and to date, they have supported over 7,000 families with children aged 0-6 across the UK. Findings include:

  • families that had members on furlough experienced a loss of income
  • people who had to isolate may have lost their jobs
  • additional hardships such as the cost of electricity and meals at home
  • debt accrual owing to services that closed eg registering a birth which enabled child support mechanisms

InformationNOW has articles on benefits and low income

Fairness and opportunity: A people-powered plan for the green transition

The Environmental Justice Commission has published a report with an  overwhelming message from their juries of optimism: a belief that if all parts of society work together then not only can the climate and nature crises be overcome, but action to address them can improve people’s everyday lives.

Their conclusion was that governments, businesses and communities should reduce emissions in ways that protect and repair nature, lock in fairness and offer what the commission calls a ‘people’s dividend’: benefits like warmer homes, a cleaner, affordable and accessible transport system and high-quality jobs that will sustain people and our natural world.

I am roadsmart

At IAM RoadSmart aims to make use all  better drivers and riders. As the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, formed in 1956, they’ve spent more than 60 years making our roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through coaching and education.  They have a network of qualified instructors and volunteers that help you pass courses and gain in confidence.  There is a local group for Newcastle

They can help you:

  • gain the expert skills and techniques on the road to take your love of driving or riding to the next level – and to make one of the most qualified drivers or riders on the road
  • focus on specific areas of your driving and riding to help boost your confidence behind the wheel and refresh your knowledge of the rules of the road
  • join their family of over 82,000 passionate and highly-skilled advanced drivers and riders in the UK
  • provide driver training solutions to businesses and employees.

InformationNOW has articles on driving as you get olderfitness and cycling

Weight change and associated health problems is an online tool that helps you with researched, verifiable and important information about your health. Run by the Dipex Charity, contains hundreds of real people’s stories. These stories are collected by academic researchers who interview people in their own homes, using their own words.

Their recent resource covers: Weight change and associated problems.  They travel around the world and speak to people and the recordings are available for you to listen to and share.  For instance, Julie talks about the physical and emotional benefits of losing weight.

They have an A to Z of conditions ranging from bowel screening to epilepsy to chronic pain and terminal illness.

InformationNOW has articles on a number of health conditions and links to NHS information.

This week’s events & activities at a glance

Shipley Arts Festival for the family
Shed a Light Exhibition
NOON book club
Birds in the Land of Oak and Iron
Coming up in September
Kids discovery club
Using data to prove your need for a project

Heritage Open days, 1st to 30 September 2021

Heritage Open days begin on 1st September and Newcastle venues and heritage sites are getting involved.  There are a number of options:

  • on foot of different areas of Newcastle
  • tours of buildings
  • tours by vintage bus

Further afield, items include: Hidden Nature Guided Walk, The Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre, Winlaton Mill and Bowes Railway Tours; Trails and Allotment Activities,  Gateshead; Jarrow Hall tours; Stephenson Railway free rides. Locally, the Lit & Phil and Newcastle Castle are offering tours and activities alongside options in Jesmond and Ouseburn.

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