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Whether you’re looking for work, unable to work, changing your working pattern or preparing to retire, help and advice is available.

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There are many areas of life in which people can experience age-related discrimination, including employment, health care and consumer services.

is a life-long condition which affects a person’s ability to communicate or to do everyday things. This page has more information about local support organisations and groups in Newcastle.

carers can apply for funding to help improve their health and wellbeing. It can be used to take breaks and opportunities that give them choice, independence and control.

The Equality Act¬†protects disabled people’s rights including employment, education, and access to services and facilities.

English as a second language or other language (ESOL) classes can help you to learn English. There are a range of classes and sessions available in Newcastle.

Flexible working describes any working pattern that is adapted to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a job, thinking about returning to work, or want to change your career, there is help available.

Mental health is about how we think, feel and behave. 1 in 4 people in the UK have a mental health problem which affects their daily life, relationships or physical health.

Pensions are a way of saving for your retirement with some tax benefits.

Whatever stage of adult life you have reached, it is important to think about planning ahead for your future care, later life, end of life and your estate after death.

Support to develop skills, experience and confidence before you start to apply for jobs

During your working life it is likely that you will encounter problems at work at some point in time. This may be due to the job itself, your relationship with your colleagues, or  personal circumstances

Racial discrimination occurs when someone is treated less favourably than another person because of their race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin.

Redundancy is a form of dismissal from a job. Reasons for redundancy can include the fact that new technology or a new system has made your job unnecessary, that the job you were hired for no longer exists, that there is a need to cut costs

Retiring from work is a decision which most people will have considered very carefully. Many people are now retiring at a younger age and living longer. Retirement can be an exciting new phase in your life,

Ways to make more out of your money.

Starting your own business or self employment can allow you more flexibility and the chance to use your skills and experience. Deciding to set up a business is a big step but support and advice is available.



If you are seeking asylum in Newcastle there are a number of local services that can help with support and advice.

Identifying as a LGBTQ+ person can sometimes lead to harassment, bullying, hate crime or discrimination (treated less by others because of who you are). You have rights and support is available if you are experiencing problems.

Tax Credits consists of two parts: Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits.

Find out more about places where you can receive legal advice in Newcastle.