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Consumer Advice

Choosing the right service or product can be confusing. There are many organisations that can help when buying services and help you if things go wrong. As a consumer you have legal rights that protect you. If you are unhappy you are entitled to complain.

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Internet and Broadband

To connect to the internet you need a telephone line and to pay for a broadband connection. You can also access WiFi.

Learning disability

A learning disability is a life-long condition. It affects a person’s ability to communicate or to do everyday things. People with a learning disability find it harder than others to learn, understand and communicate.

Mobile phones

are a good way to keep in touch. They can be used to make phone calls, send text messages photos and emails and lots more.

Money saving ideas for Christmas

Ways to save money at  Christmas, help the environment or a good cause.

Paying for care

The system for paying for care can be quite complicated. The amount you pay depends upon your circumstances.

Payment Methods

There are a number of ways of paying for goods and services in shops, on line or by post.

Personal budgets for care and support

Your personal budget is the sum of money that Newcastle City Council allocates for your care and support.  As a result of your personal budget, a support plan should be put in place.


Postal Services

information about the range of postal services available in the UK

Security for your home

Home security is the best way to reduce your chances of being burgled. Some basic tips are listed in this section. Many of them are common sense, but they could make all the difference to the safety of your home.

Staying safe online

A few simple precautions will keep you safe while you are online.