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Info NOW news older people’s day

Celebrating international day of older people in Newcastle this October.

14 September 2018

Find out about activities for Older People’s day, take part in surveys and read the latest research on work and employment in the UK.

Info NOW mail feature issue – carers special

A special edition of our Info NOW mail highlighting the role of the carer and the support available in Newcastle to help them carry out, sustain and get a break from that role.

17 August 2018

Info NOW news contains lots of opportunities for action this week – take part in Dementia Lab, comment on rehabilitation services for blind and partially sighted people and courses for those with Type 2 diabetes.

Info NOW mail feature issue: ageing well

Are we falling into the stereotype of ageing poorly because we feel negatively about ageing?

20 July 2018

What’s in Newcastle – have you been assigned grandparenting duties?  Have a look at our Summer activities section. Also, look at our ageing in the workforce article and plan your involvement in the next CCG consultation.

InfoMail feature issue: volunteering

Info NOW’s first feature issue is on volunteering. We explore the benefits of volunteering and offer a range of volunteering options for you to consider.  We highlight research opportunities in this issue.

22 June 2018 News

News, research and information for older people in Newcastle. Includes: what is frailty and an opportunity to discuss it, updates on risk factors for dementia and the importance of getting more vulnerable people online.

7 June 2018

News and information aimed at people over 50 years – avoiding scams, digital credit, review of the funerals industry and much more ..

4 May 2018

News and information for Older People in Newcastle.  Includes what’s on, research related to ageing and opportunities to get involved.  Opportunities to volunteer and get involved in activities in the North East, plan your May break and read the latest research on ageing and employment.