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18 Jan 2019 InfoNOW News

Find out what’s going on in the City.  There’s a new website to help you find products and opportunities to get involved, take part in research or volunteering.

14 December InfoNOW News

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.  News for people living and working in Newcastle – research, news and activities.

30 November InfoNOW News

Keep well this Winter.  Healthy eating and drinking, keep fit and active, watch your food and alcohol intake on Christmas day.  Look out for older and vulnerable people.

16 November Info NOW news

The latest news, research and information for people working or resident in Newcastle.  Carer’s Rights day, ask your pharmacist and the Government’s loneliness strategy.

2nd November 2018

The latest news, research and information for people working or resident in Newcastle.  Smartphones, antibiotic resistance, advocacy and CQC’s State of the Nation report.

12 October 2018

This month is falls prevention month and it’s time for your flu jab.  Find out what is going on in Newcastle and Northumberland over the next two weeks.

Mental Health Feature Issue, 5 October 2018

Our feature issue covers a wide range of resources and services that can support you to manage your mental health.  We are raising awareness of mental health day, 10 October 2018.

Info NOW News special: housing options and choices

Find out about the options, services and people who can help you with housing decisions in Newcastle.

Info NOW news older people’s day

Celebrating international day of older people in Newcastle this October.

14 September 2018

Find out about activities for Older People’s day, take part in surveys and read the latest research on work and employment in the UK.