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16 March 2018

Find out what’s going on in Newcastle; your opportunity to write a free Will; comment on Personal health budgets; find events and activities near you.

2 March 2018

News for residents and people working in Newcastle.  Find out about how to get involved.

16 Feb 2018

Info NOW News sends the latest news and research straight to your inbox about what’s going on in Newcastle,  healthy ageing and activities.

2 Feb 2018

Welcome to our first newsletter for February.  In the news: scams and frauds revealed, celebrating the women’s movement, more about Newcastle Parks and an opportunity to nominate and vote for your local heroes.

19 January 2018

Welcome to our second newsletter for January 2018. In the news this week: variation of access to and awards of NHS CHC funding, oportunities to join walking groups and keep fit, Holocaust Memorial day and opportunities to have your say.

5 January 2018

Read our latest news for January 2018.  Check for the signs of mouth cancer, celebrate our success as Newcastle becomes a City on the world map and read the research about how we can eliminate the generational divide.

15 Dec 2017 Info NOW News

Welcome to Information NOW News.  We’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. For ideas on what to do over this festive period we have added a Christmas category to our events and activities section.  Have a look at our updated articles and catch up with research and reports into ageing.

1 Dec 2017 Info NOW News

Welcome to Information NOW News.  We now have a Christmas events category of events to keep you busy during the festive season.  We are also featuring an item on what to buy older people for Christmas as well as encouraging you to donate something for the Crisis Christmas activities.  Research shows that we are struggling with our household incomes during this time of austerity and we are living with declining health as well. To cheer you up – you could take part in a study about Newcastle Brown Ale.

17 Nov Info NOW News

Find out more about what’s on in Newcastle and take part in research and volunteering opportunities. Have a look at our new article and organisations and plan your Christmas activities including donations to Crisis Skylight.

3 Nov Info NOW News

Welcome to Information NOW news.  Find out what’s going on in Newcastle, get involved, get fit and active and keep yourself informed.  Why not take part in some research or surveys – your views count.