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Later Life Audio and Radio Cooperative (LLARC)

Partners from InformationNOW, Elders Council, Radio Tyneside and further afield, including East London Radio and Sonder Radio Manchester have come together to form the Later Life Audio and Radio Cooperative (LLARC) for people aged 50 and over.

Are you interested in radio and audio broadcasting? Would you like to try it, get involved in the technical side or chatting to a radio interviewer, or speak on a subject you feel strongly about?

Interested, want to contribute to their work?  Contact by email or Twitter.  Owing to coronavirus they can’t provide telephone numbers at present, but they can phone you back.

Their aim is to:

  • promote positive views & challenge negative views of age and ageing by providing talk-based audio and radio content created by diverse groups of older adults.
  • strengthen the visibility of content created by older adults in media & encourage the expansion of radio programming related to ageing and relationships between the generations.
  • engage older adults in broadcasting, facilitate skill development & build communities by enabling discussion of a wide range of topics.


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Last updated: September 9, 2021

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