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Please note: owing to the position on Covid 19 and the Coronavirus, some organisations and venues will be closed, some will deliver their services differently. You can find the organisation website address on InformationNOW and visit their site for updates. Visit the dedicated coronavirus webpage for Newcastle City Council.

Unfolding Theatre

Unfolding Theatre offers performance theatre that brings people together. They embrace community-based creative processes to generate warm, distinctive theatre, rich in ideas. Unfolding Theatre was founded in 2008 in Newcastle upon Tyne by Artistic Director, Annie Rigby. Since then, they have toured to audiences across the UK and collaborated with top creative thinkers, including young people, artists and community groups.

Award-winning productions include Hold On Let Go, Multiverse Arcade, Putting The Band Back Together, Lands of Glass, Best in the World and Building Palaces.

Currently running the Multiverse Lab on health research – add your voice.

Telephone: 0191 580 4901


Website 2:




Arch 6
Stepney Bank
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Last updated: October 9, 2020

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