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Introducing NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

The way the healthcare services are planned and purchased in Newcastle and the whole of England has changed. NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have now replaced the NHS Primary Care Trusts. The CGGs now have responsibilities for the planning and delivering local health services. They are committed to engaging with patients to help improve local health services.  This means you can now get involved to with your local CCG to help improve health services and influence future plans for NHS services in Newcastle.

What are NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)?

CCGs are made up of GPs, nurses and other health professionals who are supported by Locality teams.  The key difference between a Primary Care Trust and a CCG is that the commissioning of services are led by GPs instead of managers.

How do the CCGs work?

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) work with the people living in Newcastle and Gateshead to improve the quality and experience of health services so that they live happier, healthier lives. They engage with you the patients to help inform how they commission the hospital and community NHS services in our area. Commissioning involves deciding what services are needed, and ensuring that they are provided to a high standard.

Every GP in Newcastle is a member of a CCG. As well as developing local services for local people, work to deliver services that are needed across the city.

How do the CCGs benefit me?

Your feedback is essential to the improvement of our health services. GPs, nurses and healthcare staff see patients as part of their daily work.  This means that they are best placed to know the needs of patients and what services would benefit them. Working with patients they will ensure that health services are tailored to patients needs locally.

How can I get involved to help improve health services?

GP Patient Participation Group (PPG)

You can get involved with the CCGs by joining your GP Patient Participation Group (PPG).  These groups are a great opportunity for patients to share experiences of health and healthcare services and influence future decisions. If you would like to join your local PPG contact the Practice Manager in your own GP practice.

Get involved with Newcastle Gateshead CCG

You can help improve health services by joining one of  Newcastle Gateshead CCGs groups or attending their meetings. This will give you the chance to feedback on whether you feel they meet patient needs and give your views on their work.  You can find out more about their development plans at these meetings and help to influence the future priorities. Sessions include:

  • Patient Forums
  • Community Forum
  • Governing Body Meetings

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My NHS gives you regular updates about the CCGs work and opportunities to feedback on areas of healthcare that interest you. You will also receive invitations to events and focus groups. You can participate as little or as much as you like. Register on their website.

My NHS also gives you the chance to receive the latest information on your local health services and the opportunity to have your voice heard and influence the future of local health services.

Other Useful Information

  • The alternative guide to NHS The King’s Fund has produced an animated guide to the NHS. The six-minute video paints a clear picture of the new health structures.

Last updated: November 10, 2021