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PaCT Lab, Northumbria University

PaCT Lab is a Human-Computer Interaction lab at Northumbria University. They are interested in understanding how people use technology and have a special interest in how older users engage with e-health technologies, cyber security systems, and digital privacy controls.

They run a series of workshops informing older users from the general public on the topics of cyber security and online privacy protective measures, as well as assisting with the fine-tuning of these controls on their devices and/or services.

Their work covers four broad and overlapping themes: privacy, security, trust, and behaviour change. These themes are explored across a variety of domains including health, commerce, energy conservation and learning.

Contact details

Main Telephone: 0191 227 3716



PaCT Lab
Northumberland Building
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Last updated: February 11, 2021

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