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Airport assistance

There can be a lot of walking involved in getting around an airport. Assistance is available to help you get to and from the terminals and onto the flight free of charge.

Booking assistance at least 48 hours in advance will give you peace of mind before you travel and allow the airlines and airports to plan to meet your travel needs properly.

Am I eligible for Airport Assistance?

Assistance is available if you have:

  • a physical or hidden disability
  • reduced mobility

Newcastle Airport has developed two hidden disabilities passports, intended to support people with a neurological condition and mental health difficulties as well as autism. The aim is to minimise the distress caused by being in a busy and noisy environment,  Download and complete the appropriate passport. Once you have arrived at the airport, make your way to the PRM assistance desk (located in between check in desk 32 and WH Smith) and a member of staff will validate the Passport. Following security check in, you should be able to access a quiet place to wait for your flight. You might also like to ask for the new lanyard which indicates to staff that you need extra support in the airport and on the flight.

Visit the Newcastle Airport website for information on the types of assistance available.

Requesting Airport Assistance

The airport expects you to notify the airline that you require assistance at least 48 hours before your flight.  Each airline will have an online form and telephone number.  You can also contact the airport direct.

You should get in touch if you need help with:

  • communication
  • checking in baggage
  • help through security procedures
  • boarding the aircraft, storage and retrieval of items
  • disembarking
  • collecting luggage
  • transit between terminals and to the toilet..
  • At least 48 hours notice is preferred but you can book assistance as soon as you buy your ticket if you wish.

Other Assistance

To make things easier the airport has:

  • an Eagle hoist – email at least 36 hours before you depart to get hoisted onto the aircraft
  • a form to manage your Mobility equipment, such as scooters and electric wheelchairs which will be stored in the hold.  You will need to email the form 48 hours before you travel.
  • specific facilities for Assistance dogs.  Get in touch in advance.

Flying with a powered wheelchair

Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) created a guide to flying with a powered wheelchair video.

Inclusive strategy for transport

You might like to keep an eye on the Government’s Inclusive Transport Strategy published in July 2018.  Chapter 4 sets out disabled passengers’ rights and the service they can expect to receive in each mode of transport. It also presents the key advances travellers can expect to see as a result of the Strategy.

Last updated: September 1, 2020

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