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All first aid articles

First aid advice and guidance on how to deal with bleeding. In emergencies always dial 999 or go straight to hospital.

First aid advice on treating burns and scalds. In emergencies dial 999 or go straight to hospital.

First Aid advice on what to do if someone is choking. Always dial 999 in emergencies.

Head injuries are potentially serious and require a proper assessment.

It can be useful to know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. In an emergency dial 999.

happens when the body becomes dangerously overheated, usually due to a high fever or prolonged exposure to heat.

is excessive breathing. It is normally caused by acute anxiety and it may accompany a panic attack.

First aid skills are easy to learn and will hopefully stay with you for life. Your knowledge could save someone’s life and it is likely to be those closest to you who will benefit from your skills.

The latest information to help you during the coronavirus.

are for patients with injuries such as sprains, cuts and grazes. The waiting times are generally much shorter than at Accident and Emergency.

Shock is a physical reaction to an injury usually related to blood loss or circulatory problems. Shock can be potentially fatal. Here are some tips on treating shock.

The NHS provides a free telephone helpline, symptom checker and website for non life threatening health and medical advice.

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