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Bottle in the Fridge – emergency information scheme

The Bottle in the Fridge initiative is an emergency information scheme that is currently provided free of charge by Caring Hands.

Caring Hands supply bottle packs to statutory and voluntary groups throughout Newcastle. The bottle packs are for people aged over 50 years old who live in their own homes and may be in ill health.

The bottle pack gives you the means to alert the emergency services to important medical information and contact details, should an accident or sudden illness in your home occur.

The fridge has been chosen to store the bottles as 95% of all households have one and it is generally easy to find. Also, the insulation properties and construction of a fridge mean that in the event of a fire, the contents of the fridge usually survive.

What’s in the pack?

The bottle pack consists of:

  • A bottle
  • A basic medical information form
  • Green and white emergency data link stickers, which are unique to the scheme

You complete the form with all of your relevant medical information and put this in the bottle, which you then place in your fridge.

You then put one of the stickers just inside your front door, so that it’s clearly visible to any of the emergency services, and one of the stickers goes on your fridge. The green and white stickers are recognised by the emergency services.

You shouldn’t put a sticker on the exterior of your property. The emergency services will know to look for one inside your front door.

If more than one person in your household has a bottle, attach a photograph to the medical form, so that the emergency services can easily identify whose bottle it is.

Other useful information

  • LifeBook – Age UK free resource. It can be easy to mislay important documents and information. Record your details from, who insures your car, to where you put the TV licence. The LifeBook can help you to be more organised  and could be invaluable to a family member or a friend if they need to locate important information about you in an emergency.

Last updated: June 30, 2022

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