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Quick links to virtual activity online

There is so much to do online – here are some quick links to keep you occupied whilst at home.

Virtual tours, and live webcams

Arts and culture

Children and family


  • Try the  Make Movement Your Mission‘ short videos taking you through a range of key exercises for people in later life three times a day.
  • Stay in, Work out Sport England
  • InformationNOW article including chair based exercise. We link you to pictures and diagrams to help visualise the workout.
  • Newcastle Gateshead CCG has introduced a new toolkit –  HowFit  is a new fitness plan designed to help members of the public get fit in their own homes.
  • Run the Dales shows you historic races and information.

Food and recipes


Geography, nature, and history

Learn a new skill

Literature online

  • Library services is expanding its range of electronic books, magazines, comics and audio books.
  • join, read online and listen Choose RB Digital or Borrow Box
  • Kindle Unlimited – 2 months free access
  • Gutenburg – Download free books, e.g. Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Frankenstein, etc.
  • Listening – For people with Parkinson’s Disease, visual impairment, fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, mental health difficulty or learning difficulty such as Dyslexia, which impacts the ability to read or hold a book
  • Read Free Literature – also includes study guides
  • Open Library Access – Free but you need to create an account


*Check the location/time zones of live-streamed concerts to calculate the UK start time. Time Zone calculator


Podcasts are pre-recorded radio shows that are available at your fingertips in audio libraries on your smartphone or tablet.  You can enjoy them anywhere, whilst you are cooking and when you are walking. They have seen a surge in popularity since the lockdown as they keep you company and help you sidestep boredom.  Shows cover everything from current affairs to books; wellbeing to true crime.  They provide debate, comedy, and  teach you something new. There are lots of platforms such as Spotify, Acast, MixCloud and Podbean. Download these from your app store.

How to listen

  1. look for your podcasts app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. see what is trending
  3. use the search button to find what you want (see list below as a starting point)
  4. when you click on subscribe, each time a new episode is released it will automatically download, ready for you to listen
  5. download at home or using WiFi

Shows people talk about

  • Ted Talks Daily
  • Desert Island Discs on Radio 4

Current Affairs:

  • Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 daily
  • The High Low weekly
  • Today in Focus, the Guardian
  • The Bunker

Books and Authors:

  • The Sunday Salon
  • Backlisted


  • Postcards from Midlife
  • Power Hour
  • Couch to 5k

Fashion and Beauty:

  • My Wardrobe Malfunction
  • Dressed: the history of Fashion

True Crime:

  • Fake Heiress
  • Serial


  • The Guilty Feminist
  • Griefcast

Travel and Escapism:

  • The Travel Diaries
  • National Trust
  • The Big Travel Podcast


  • Stuff you should know
  • Coffee break French and Spanish
  • Revisionist History

Older People

Later Life Audio and Radio Cooperative – a network of people providing content for older people.

Last updated: March 3, 2022

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