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All families articles

Adult abuse

Abuse should be reported to the safeguarding teams.. Abuse can be emotional, physical, sexual, financial, discriminatory, psychological, organisational, domestic, neglect, self neglect or modern slavery.

Bereavement and grief

The death of someone close to you, whether it was expected or sudden, can be an extremely difficult time, and you will experience many different emotions. Help is available.

Family and relationship problems

As we grow older our lives and families change. This can raise issues with your family and relationships. Support is available to help you through these challenging times.

Grandparent issues

Information and advice for grandparents.

Kinship Carers – caring for young relatives

Information abou tlooking after a friend or relative.

Money saving ideas for Christmas

Ways to save money at  Christmas, help the environment or a good cause.

Separation and divorce

Information and advice on relationship counselling, separation and divorce.

Sex in Later Life

Information about sexual health, protection from sexual transmitted infections, contraception and details of organisations that can provide you with expert advice and guidance.