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End of Life

The death of someone close to you, whether it is expected or sudden, can be very difficult. It is hard to talk about but planning ahead can help avoid distress and make sure your wishes are met. Practical help and support is available.

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Advance Decisions

allow you to set out your decisions and choices about refusing medical treatment in certain situations, should you lose the mental capacity to make these decisions in the future.

Arranging a funeral

There are many different types of funerals to choose from and financial help may be available.


The death of someone close to you, whether it was expected or sudden, can be an extremely difficult time, and you will experience many different emotions. Help is available.

Bereavement Benefit

is a payment that may be made following the death of your husband, wife or civil partner.

Donating your body to science

There are many options for what happens to your body or organs after you die. Donating your body for scientific research is an option.

Making Decisions (Mental Capacity)

Some people may have difficulties making decisions. This could be due to a learning disability, dementia, a mental health problem, or a brain injury

Managing someone else’s affairs

Plan ahead to manage your affairs.

Palliative care

is the care and support of people with a serious progressive illness. It also includes care for their families.

Power of Attorney

is a legal document, which authorises one or more people to handle your finances. You can set up a Power of Attorney for a limited time, or to deal with a specific situation.

The Social Fund

may be able to provide lump sum cash payments or loans to cover extra expenses that you find difficult to cover from your regular income.