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There are a range of support groups in Newcastle that help, advise and support people through difficulties including: offering emotional support, advice on family and relationships, overcoming addiction, advice on dealing with illness, loneliness, end of life or a long term condition. Support groups are often run by charities and voluntary groups and offer a range of help, information and advice alongside support groups. Use the list below to jump to the type of support groups available in Newcastle.


Adult AD/HD

Alcohol and drugs addiction

There are organisations that support anyone whose life has been affected by drinking including:

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Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BME)


There are a wide range of organisations that offer support groups for those experiencing diagnosis or treatment for cancer or having lost someone to cancer.

Read our article on cancer to find other options to talk including online forums and buddying services.


There are a number of organisations that help and support carers who have an unpaid caring role. Carers are defined as someone who looks after someone who is ill or cannot manage without help.

Read the Looking after someone article on Information NOW.

Communication and Speech

There are several organisation to support people with communication and speech problems.

Deaf and Hard of hearing

Deaflink offer monthly support groups as well as information about illnesses and long term conditions in an accessible format to support the deaf community. Tinnitus and Shh events are held regularly.

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End of Life

  • Cruse Bereavement Care run support groups for people bereaved by suicide
  • Lifespan supports families going through life-threatening and end of life conditions
  • Macmillan Support Services support people through end of life and bereavement.  Visit In your Area and search Let’s Face it and Art for You DVS on their website.
  • Maggies Centre at the Freeman hospital supports people through all stages of cancer including end of life and bereavement

Family and Relationships

There are a number of charities and services that offer support for people who are experiencing difficulties at home or have experienced abuse or estrangement from their family including:

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Food and nutrition

There are organisations that support people and families experiencing issues around food including:

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ)

Long term conditions

There are a variety of condition specific support groups which have been established with the help of professionals including consultants, specialist nurses as well as occupational therapists, speech therapists and physiotherapists. They may be run solely by the charity or voluntary organisation or they may be run in conjunction with the hospital department.  Information NOW has a number of organisations listed under support groups

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Mental Health

There are a range of organisations that run support groups for mental health and to help build emotional resilience. These include:

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Men’s Groups

The Male Journey offer men the opportunity to join a national or local network of social groups to enable men to explore their emotions and feelings.  Locally they meet across Northumbria at different venues and beauty spots.

Food Nation run a men’s pie club to tackle social isolation – visit their Facebook page.

Men’s Shed’s also offer a more practical approach with an opportunity to share, learn and develop new skills and experiences, Search their site for sheds at Blaydon and Scotswood.

Sexual Health

  • Blue Sky Trust offer 1:2:1 and peer support and run other workshops for people living with HIV.

Social Isolation

Read our article on Information NOW about Feeling Lonely.

Vision Impairment

  • Guide Dogs Newcastleruns the My Guide services which helps you to access community activities and support groups.
  • The VIP Lounge run LocalEyes across the UK.  You can contact the local coordinator, Lianne, or contact her through WhatsApp or phone her on 07555318194 to join a group in Newcastle or elsewhere in the North East.
  • Newcastle Vision Support run a See You Wednesday club. For more information ‘phone 0191 232 7292.
  • The Macular Society run a support group in Newcastle. Contact Julie Swann on 07904315605
  • RNIB run Connect with regional Facebook support forums
  • The International Glaucoma Association‘s regional development manager is available to give awareness talks at groups and events and is working to develop patient forums with the local eye clinics. There are various support group meetings held across the north east which RVI patients are welcome to attend.
  • Views supports people through Positive Views, including peer support and confidence building.

Read our article on visual impairment on Information NOW.

Women’s groups

As well as several groups listed above, there is also the National Women’s Register (NWR) which has a number of active groups across the North East.


Last updated: September 17, 2019

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