Support Groups

There are support groups in Newcastle that give you the chance to talk to people who have experienced the same issues as you. You can talk to each other and get information, support and advice. Groups can support you through difficulties and offer emotional support. There are support groups to help with family and relationships, overcoming addiction, advice on dealing with illness, loneliness, end of life or a long term health conditions or illnesses.

Support groups are often run by charities and voluntary groups. There may be professionals at the groups such as consultants, specialist nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists and physiotherapists. You can search Information NOW to see the list of support groups or read more below.

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Adult AD/HD North East hold regular support meetings throughout the north east of England

Tyneside and Northumberland Mind offer free advice and support to people living in Newcastle. They have a mental health support service for autistic people and people with ADHD. You can get one to one support and attend a regular social group which meets in Gateshead on the first Friday of the month. They run regular 5 week training courses where you can learn more about ‘ADHD and me.’

Alcohol and drugs addiction

There are organisations that support anyone whose life has been affected by drinking including:

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Read more about arthritis on InformationNOW.

Asthma and lung conditions

British Lung Foundation support those with respiratory problems and COPD

Asthma and Lung UK run a monthly support groupto help patients, carers, family members and friends manage their lung condition. Usually on the 3rd Thursday of every month between 1pm and 3pm at Ray Gray Community Centre.

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Skills for People run social groups for people with autism

Friends Action North East supports people with autism to make friendships. They run regular get togethers and social activities in Newcastle

Tyneside and Northumberland Mind offer free advice and support to people living in Newcastle. They have a mental health support service for autistic people and people with ADHD. You can get one to one support and attend a regular social group which meets in Gateshead on the first Friday of the month. They run 5 week training courses where you can learn more about ‘Autism and me’.

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Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic Groups

Angelou Centre  supports women of all ages and there is an older women’s support group, Mahila Mandal.

Connected Voice Haref  have a network of ethnically marginalised community organisations.

Rabita Women study circle and social group for Pakistani Women meet weekly at the meeting place for the Uwais Foundation in Fenham.

Search and the North East Chinese Association run activities for older Chinese people.


Journey Enterprises offers support to those with acquired brain injury

Pituitary Foundation run Support Groups in the North East

Hearing Voices Network offer support groups to those feeling distressed by the voices that they hear.

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There are a wide range of organisations that offer support groups for those experiencing diagnosis or treatment for cancer or having lost someone to cancer.

Bowel Cancer UK   offer the opportunity to share personal stories.

Coping with Cancer North East offer breast cancer support groups.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust has a series of online forums.

Lymphoma Action run north east meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at 2 pm.

Macmillan Cancer Support UK has an online community where you can join group discussions, get your questions answered and find out more information about living with cancer

Macmillan Support Services offer a range of support groups both social and therapeutic. Register on their site and find out what is available locally.

Maggies Newcastle based at Freeman Hospital, offer support to people with any type of cancer and those who are bereaved as a result of cancer. This includes the Brain Tumour support group and a local Prostate Cancer UK support group.

Durham and District Women’s Cancer Support Group support people diagnosed with ovarian cancer

Prostate Cancer UK offer a North East Support Group held at Maggie’s centre, Freeman Hospital, supported by a specialist nurse, every 4th Tuesday of the month.

Teesside Lymphoma Association Support Group run support groups for those affected by Hodgkin or non-Hodgkin lymphoma; they can also put you in touch with a buddy service.

The Oesophageal Patient Association hopes to establish support groups nationwide for those with oesophageal or gastric cancer.

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation offers support groups in the Durham area.

Read more about cancer on InformationNOW to find other options to talk including online forums and buddying services.


There are a number of organisations that help and support carers who have an unpaid caring role. Carers are defined as someone who looks after someone who is ill or cannot manage without help.

Newcastle Carers runs a number of services including support groups around the city, including the West End, Lemington, Gosforth and at their centre in Byker.  They also have a monthly Men’s Carers Group. Search in our Events and Activities section – select ‘Support Groups’ in the Browse by type box.

Macmillan Support services are available to all carers, friends and family affected by cancer

Marie Curie runs a weekly Carers support cafe

Silverline Memories hold a regular support group for people caring for someone with dementia.

Stroke Association offer family and carer support

PROPS offer support for carers of someone with addiction or alcohol abuse issues

Carers UK run online carers support groups and coffee mornings.

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Communication and speech

There are several organisation to support people with communication and speech problems.

The British Stammering Association offer a support for people affected by a stammer or who are parents of children with a stammer.

Journey Enterprises offers support to those with acquired brain injury, learning disability and mental health problems

Newcastle Community Stroke Service offer a number of services through patient support groups.

North East Trust for Aphasia  has information about local groups.

The Stroke Association provides support after stroke.

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Deaf and Hard of hearing

Deaflink offer monthly support groups as well as information about illnesses and long term conditions in an accessible format to support the deaf community. Tinnitus and Shh events are held regularly.

Newcastle Deaf Centre run a weekly lunch club, activities and social events for deaf people of all ages.

Read more about deaf and hard of hearing support on InformationNOW.


Search Newcastle run memory cafes and activities such as Singing for your Brain

Silverline Memories run Young Onset Dementia peer support group, Dementia Carers support group, picnic knit and knatter support groups and other dementia activities

Newcastle Carers run a Dementia Information and Advice Group for carers who look after someone with dementia.

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Diabetes UK Northern hold a support group in Gateshead.

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Encephalitis Society has a series of online forums for people affected by encephalitis

End of life, bereavement and grief

Cruse Bereavement Care has a national telephone helpline. They have a local support group for people bereaved by suicide

Lifespan supports families going through life-threatening and end of life conditions

Macmillan Support Services support people through end of life and bereavement.  Visit their website to find what’s on in your Area

Marie Curie Newcastle runs a weekly Bereavement Support café. They also give individual and group support for anyone who is bereaved by a terminal illness.

Maggies Centre at the Freeman hospital supports people through all stages of cancer including end of life and bereavement

Support after Murder and Manslaughter (SAMM) supports families bereaved by murder and manslaughter.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide hold a virtual meeting hosted from Whitley Bay.

Read more about bereavement and grief support on InformationNOW.


Epilepsy Action is a national charity, which aims to provide information and support to those affected by epilepsy.

Family and relationships

There are a number of charities and services that offer support for people who are experiencing difficulties at home or have experienced abuse or estrangement from their family including:

Contact  offer local support groups and advice for people with disabled children, learning difficulties and autism.

Lifespan supports families going through life-threatening and end of life conditions.

Skills for People run Pass it on Parents for those supporting disabled children

Stand alone support people who are estranged from their families or a family member

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Food and nutrition

There are organisations that support people and families experiencing issues around food including:

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There are national organisations that hold local meetings in Newcastle to support people affected by gambling. This includes:

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Huntington’s Disease

Learning Disability

Skills for People run friends groups in Newcastle.

Friends Action North East supports people with learning disabilities to make friendships. The run regular get togethers and social activities in Newcastle

Read more about learning disabilities and local support on InformationNOW.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ+)

Gasbags North East run a regular support group as well as social activities.

MESMAC Newcastle have information about a range of support groups for men only, women only, transgender, older people, black and ethnic and married men.

EveryTurn Mental Health run mental health support groups and drop in services. They have a support group for Trans and non binary people.  They also offer social, lunch and wellbeing groups as part of Chain Reaction 

Switchboard LGBT can provide information on a bisexual social group.

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Long term health conditions

Lifespan supports people with a variety of long term conditions or illnesses including MND, MS, Parkinson’s and those with cancer.

Read more about health conditions and services on InformationNOW.


St Oswald’s Hospice work with the Northern Lymphoedema Support Group. The group is not just for people with Lymphoedema, their family and friends. To find out more information about the group and details of their next meeting, please email [email protected] and asked to be added to the St Oswald’s Hospice “Lymph Notes” newsletter.

Mental Health

There are a range of organisations that run support groups for mental health and to help build emotional resilience. These include:

Journey Enterprises offers support to those with acquired brain injury and mental health problems


Tyneside Women’s Health have support groups in Newcastle and Gateshead including a wellbeing group.

EveryTurn Mental Health run mental health support groups and drop in services. They have regular groups for students at Northumbria University, post graduate students at Newcastle University and support for Trans and non binary people.  They also offer social, lunch and wellbeing groups as part of Chain Reaction 

PeerTalk Whitley Bay and Gateshead run free weekly support meetings, where you can talk about your worries and get support from like minded people.

West End Women and Girls Centre run a range of support groups including family and activity groups

ReCoCo: the Recovery College offer a wide range of support and resources as well as group therapies

Anxious Minds run a peer support group in Wallsend and are looking to run more support groups in the Newcastle and Gateshead area.  They also have an online support group that you can request to join.

Hearing the Voice is a large interdisciplinary study that looks at the issue of hearing voices and how it affects people. They also have information on their website about finding support and local support groups.

Bipolar UK‘s local support group meets the first Saturday of the month in Gosforth

Read more about mental health on InformationNOW.

Men’s Groups

The Male Journey offer men the opportunity to join a national or local network of social groups to enable men to explore their emotions and feelings.  Locally they meet across Northumbria at different venues and beauty spots.

Food Nation run a men’s pie club to tackle social isolation. For more details visit their Facebook page.

Men’s Sheds also offer a more practical approach with an opportunity to share, learn and develop new skills and experiences, Search their site for sheds Scotswood and Ryton

Andy’s Man Club is a peer to peer support group for men who are struggling with their mental health.  They have clubs all over the north east and meet in the centre of Newcastle every Monday.

Motor Nerurone Disease (MND)

  • MND Association has a local Tyne and Wear support branch for all those affected by Motor neurone disease.  Contact Linda McNally

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Muscle spams or Dystonia


Parkinsons Disease


Stroke Association support stroke survivors and run support groups.

Newcastle Community Stroke Service offers specialist rehabilitation to people at home and in the community. To use this service you must be over 18, have Newcastle GP and have a diagnosis of Stroke. They have a Patient Support Group.

Sepsis support

The UK Sepsis Support Trust runs a Newcastle support group.

Thyroid problems



  • Action on Pain run support groups for people suffering with chronic and long term pain

Sexual Health

  • Blue Sky Trust offer 1:2:1 and peer support and run other workshops for people living with HIV.

Social Isolation

Read our article on Information NOW about Feeling Lonely.

Sight loss and visual impairment

  • Guide Dogs Newcastle runs the My Guide services which helps you to access community activities and support groups.
  • The VIP Lounge run LocalEyes across the UK.  You can contact the local coordinator, Lianne, or contact her through WhatsApp or phone her on 07555318194 to join a group in Newcastle or elsewhere in the North East.
  • Newcastle Vision Support run a See You Wednesday club. For more information ‘phone 0191 232 7292.
  • The Macular Society run a support group in Newcastle.
  • RNIB run Connect with regional Facebook support forums
  • The International Glaucoma Association‘s regional development manager is available to give awareness talks at groups and events and is working to develop patient forums with the local eye clinics. There are various support group meetings held across the north east which RVI patients are welcome to attend.
  • Views supports people through Positive Views, including peer support and confidence building.

Read our article on visual impairment on Information NOW.

Stopping Smoking

Stoptober is a 28-day stop smoking challenge. Free quitting tools and support are available. It includes:

  • Facebook group an online community for support and advice
  • daily emails and text messages
  • an online Personal Quit Plan to help you find a combination of support that’s right for you, including expert support from local Stop Smoking Services and stop smoking aids
  • the NHS Quit Smoking app

Victims of crime

  • Victim Support help victims of crime including unlawful break-ins to property.

Women’s groups

As well as several groups listed above, there is also the National Women’s Register (NWR) which has a number of active groups across the North East.


Last updated: May 8, 2024