Housing Benefit

What is Housing Benefit?

Housing Benefit aims to provide help towards rent and some service charges that you pay for to live in your home. You may be entitled to Housing Benefit if you are on a low income. Housing Benefit for most working age claimants is being replaced by Universal Credit.

Am I eligible for Housing Benefit?

To decide if you are entitled to Housing Benefit, Newcastle City Council will look at:

  • Your income: the money you and your partner have coming in, including earnings, some benefits and tax credits, and things like occupational pensions;
  • Your savings and your partner’s savings; and
  • Your circumstances: such as your age, the ages and size of your family, whether you or any of your family are disabled, and whether anyone who lives with you could help you with the rent.

To find out how to apply for Housing Benefit visit Housing Benefit help to pay your rent at Newcastle City Council

Universal Credit has replaced most new claims for working age means-tested benefits, including Housing Benefit, but some people still receive it. If you get Universal Credit you will get a housing costs element in Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit. Housing Benefit is still payable for people of pension age and those in certain accommodation, like supported accommodation.

Newcastle Welfare Rights have useful webpages on Universal Credit.

What is Local Housing Allowance?

Local Housing Allowance is housing benefit for private tenants who are renting a property or room from a private landlord and are on a low income. It does not apply to Your Homes Newcastle or Housing Association tenants. Local Housing Allowance is worked out and paid differently to Housing Benefit.

Further information about Local Housing Allowance from Shelter.

How much Housing Benefit may I receive?

The most up to date details can be found on www.newcastle.gov.uk

If you are under pension age and a tenant of Your Homes Newcastle or a Housing Association, your housing benefit may be reduced if you have a spare bedroom – due to the ‘Bedroom Tax’ or Under Occupancy Rule. For more information please visit Shelter.

Benefit cap

Your benefit(s) may be limited by the Benefit cap.

How do I apply for Housing Benefit?

Remember, new Housing Benefit claims for most working age people is not possible and would have to be for Universal Credit instead. Please see the Newcastle Welfare Rights webpages on Universal Credit which advises when you have to claim Universal Credit and when you do not.

How can I check my Housing Benefit?

MyAccount allows you to access and check your housing benefit and council tax online for free. This is a secure online service for Newcastle residents and businesses.

Where can I get benefits advice?

You can get benefits advice from a local independent service. They can help guide you through the application process and explain how some benefits may impact upon another:

Other useful information

  • Discretionary Housing Payments – are additional payments available from Newcastle City Council that you can apply for if you are finding it difficult to pay your rent and already receive Housing Benefit.
  • Money Advice Service provides online information on the full range of benefits that you may be entitled to.  This also includes where to find more help and advice.

Last updated: November 1, 2023