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InfoNOW News 6 May 2022

InfoNOW News 6 May 2022


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Are you hosting events related to Dementia Action Week in May or the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on the long bank holiday weekend in June?   Please send us the details if they are open events for all.

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Mental Health services access

Kooth and Quell have changed the age access to their services. Kooth now serves young people aged 11 to 18 years and Qwell is now available for anyone aged 18+ across Newcastle and Gateshead.

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Antivirals combat Covid-19

Over 32,000 patients with COVID-19 who were most likely to be admitted to hospital are receiving cutting-edge NHS antiviral treatments at home.  These COVID-19 treatments, which cut the risk of serious illness from the virus, have been praised by at-risk patients since being used.

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Smart Watches for people with Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease patients are being given smart watches that allow doctors to remotely assess their condition. The cutting-edge gadget monitors a patient’s movements at home and the information is relayed to doctors who can look for signs that their medicines might need changing or make other interventions that stop the condition getting worse and help improve quality of life.

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City of Sanctuary

Newcastle is a proud City of Sanctuary. In April it hosted a session for families who have come forward to host Ukrainian refugees. Local knitters made hero bears, pictured below, to welcome children arriving locally.

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Tyne & Wear High Sheriff Awards

The High Sheriff Awards Scheme complements the work of the High Sheriff, an unpaid, voluntary role appointed by Her Majesty The Queen.  The High Sheriff today concentrates on upholding and supporting the judiciary, police and law enforcement agencies, emergency services, local authorities and all recognised church and faith groups as well as supporting and encouraging the voluntary sector.

Congratulations to 25 local organisations including: Children North EastFenham Association of ResidentsNewcastle United Foundation and Northumbria Police.

Opportunities for Action

Free workshops at West End Library

Urban Green Newcastle are organising a carnival performance in June.  Would you like to take part? They are running a series of workshops at West End Library and welcome your interest.

Saturday May 7
10 to 1pm  Community Room: Music workshops with Hannabiell Sanders

Saturday May 14
1 to 3pm  Community Room: Dance workshops with Yuvel Soria

Saturday May 21
10 to1pm  Community Room: Music workshops with Hannabiell Sanders
10 to1pm  Main library area: Craft activities with Gilly Rodgers

Saturday May 28
10 to1pm  Main library area: Craft activities with Gilly Rodgers
1to 3pm Community Room: Dance workshops with Yuvel Soria

Email: or just turn up.

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Volunteer for Citizens Advice Newcastle

Citizens Advice Newcastle are looking for volunteers to support their work. They offer free, confidential advice and information to everyone living in Newcastle to help them find a way forward. You may enjoy volunteering to:

  • meet new people
  • give something back to your community
  • share your knowledge and skills
  • gain experience and develop confidence

By volunteering, you’ll learn new things every day, make new friends and be part of a great team. Full training is available to help you prepare to volunteer.

The volunteer roles available are: Volunteer Adviser, Researcher, Campaigner or Trustee .

Martin, one of their volunteer advisers, says: “Volunteering for Citizens Advice Newcastle is rewarding. I provide support to people who need it, and it feels good to be giving something back. The team are really helpful, supporting me with any challenges and there is a real sense of teamwork.”

If you’re interested in volunteering, take their quiz to find out which role may suit you best  or contact Citizens Advice Newcastle.

Become a Shared Lives Carer

Could you support an adult to develop their independence, skills and develop their friendships?  Shared Lives is a service aimed at adults with a learning disability who need overnight support and supervision. Shared Lives helps people to develop or maintain independent living skills, friendships and roots in their community.

The support allows people to live life to the full in their communities, without having to live alone or in a care home. Adults who need support are matched with a compatible Shared Lives carer who agrees to share their home and family (or community) life with that person. They will either move into their own room in the household or use the home as a base.

Apply to be a Shared Lives Carer – open till December 2022

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Spotlight on

Driving as you get older

One of our most popular articles on InformationNOW is Driving as you get Older.  For those of you that don’t know, we cover the important points about rules and regularly update this article.

Your driving licence expires automatically when you reach 70 years old. To continue driving, you need to renew it and every three years after that. It’s important to have regular sight tests.

There are specific health conditions already identified by the DVLA, where you may be put on a three year renewal and need a GP confirmation of your ability to drive safely:

  • diabetes or taking insulin
  • syncope (fainting)
  • heart conditions (including atrial fibrillation and pacemakers)
  • sleep apnoea
  • epilepsy
  • stroke
  • glaucoma

Ask your GP or specialist if your driving could be affected by medication or a diagnosed illness; speak to your GP if you’re concerned about your hearing. Generally, vision is poorer at night, so consider whether you need to drive at night.

The Highway Code recommends taking a break of at least 15 minutes after every two hours of driving.

Mental Health Awareness week 9 to 16 May

The Mental Health Foundation is leading the campaign to raise awareness of mental wellbeing.  Over the week they will explore the impact of inequalities on loneliness as well as sharing help, advice and calling for policy change.  There’s a whole range of ways you can support the work of the Foundation over the week.

Share your experiences and break the stigma. People will be using the hashtag #IveBeenThere to speak about times they have felt lonely.

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Research & Reports

Health Inequalities report by NCEPOD

The National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) has published its latest report into health inequalities. Based on NCEPOD reports over the last 15 years and data collections in progress, the report reviews data to identify themes relating to healthcare inequalities.

Key findings include:

  • inequality due to age was visible in NCEPOD studies that reviewed the care provided to the elderly, children and young people
  • hospital admissions have been highlighted as an opportunity to intervene in the general healthcare of vulnerable young people and adults who may not be accessing primary care or looking after their general health
  • preconceived low expectations in outcomes of the elderly surgical patient affected the level of care provided.
  • socioeconomic deprivation was visible in the care provided to children, young people and to adults
  • the study of adults who died from alcohol-related liver disease highlighted prejudice in treating this group of patients.
  • poor hospital design or lack of adjustments can hinder basic access for disabled children, young people and adults

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Events and Activities

Jesmond Community Festival
7th May to 5th June

Song writing workshop: 1952 to 2022
10.30 am on Wednesday 18 May Jesmond Library

Skill Up, Women’s Weekly Empowerment Group
Fridays, Newcastle Deaf Centre

Elders Council Warm Welcome
Community Room Newcastle Building Society
Wednesday 18 May, 10.30 am

Swimming and Aquafit at Elswick Pool
with Search Newcastle

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

RoSPA is an accident prevention charity. They have information on their website about home safety, falls prevention and also about reducing your risk of road accidents.  They run experienced driver assessments.


Sands is a stillbirth and neonatal death charity.  They provide bereavement support nationally, a freephone helpline, mobile app and online community and resources.  They also support research into the causes of baby deaths.  They have a local support group.

Last updated: May 19, 2022

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