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Being online is becoming more important in our every day lives. Find out what digital technology can do for you and where to get support if you need it.

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Accessible information is information that everyone can understand whether they have a disability, impairment, different language or low literacy.

Quick guide on how to save InformationNOW on to the home screen of your smart phone, mobile device and desktop computer. Making it easier to find the right information at the right time

Using a computer can open up a whole range of opportunities to you, especially if you are using the Internet and email. There’s lots of support available in Newcastle to get online.

Sensible precautions you can take to make yourself less likely to be the victim of crimes such as fraud or scams.  How to report fraud.

Want to know more about how to use digital technology such as the internet, computers, tablet devices (Ipad etc) mobile phones and find out what this technology could do for you?

solve problems such as pages not displaying properly, checking your WiFi connection, to checking how much data you have on your mobile.

To connect to the internet you need a telephone line and to pay for a broadband connection. You can also access WiFi.

There are many ways that you can keep in touch with friends and family online. Email and Video Chat are very popular (and free) ways to communicate with others.

There are some steps that you can take to help make your computer easier to use without having to purchase new equipment.

are a good way to keep in touch. They can be used to make phone calls, send text messages photos and emails and lots more.

There are a number of ways of paying for goods and services in shops, online or by post.

There is so much to do online from arts to gardening, from music to a new skill – here are some quick links to keep you occupied whilst at home.

Online or cyber crime is something that we all need to be aware of. Be aware and stay alert to this to protect yourself and your personal information. If in doubt don’t click any links

connecting with others online is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family and discover others who have shared interests. There are many ways to do this for free.

Broadband and mobile networks can run slower when lots of people and devices are connected to them. Whether you’re working from home, streaming music, TV or films, gaming or making video or internet calls, there are things you can try to speed up your internet connection.

A few simple precautions will keep you safe while you are online.

This article explains the housing and support services that are available for people with a learning disability or autism.

The internet can be used to do so many different things such as keeping in touch with people, paying bills, entertainment, shopping and for fun.