Your Care: Financial assessments

You may have to pay some money towards the cost of Care and Support services that you receive. This can include home care, day care or residential care services.

To find out how much you have to pay towards your care and support Newcastle City Council will carry out a financial assessment.

What is a Financial Assessment?

A financial assessment is used to work out how much you have to contribute towards your Personal Budget to pay for your care and support.

The assessment is usually carried out after your care and support needs have been identified by a Needs assessment.

Who carries out a Financial assessment?

The assessment is carried out by a Financial Assessment Officer. This will normally involve a visit to you in your home when you will be asked for information about your current financial circumstances.

It is free to have a financial assessment.

What do they need to know?

You will need to provide details of your

  • Income: This is money you have coming in, such as benefits and pensions.
  • Spending: This is the amount you spend on council tax, rent, and mortgage.
  • Capital: This is the amount of savings that you have or the value of your property.

Do I have to have a Financial assessment?

You can ‘opt out’ of the financial assessment. If you choose not to have an assessment , you will be charged the full cost of the services you receive, regardless of your financial position.

Visit paying for care by Newcastle City Council for more information on the costs of care and support.

How to apply for a Financial Assessment

Contact Community Health & Social Care Direct to request an assessment. You will be asked to give details of your financial circumstances. This will include details of your income, outgoings, and capital.

What if I’m not eligible for help?

If you don’t qualify for financial help from Newcastle City Council the information from your assessments will still be useful. Other organisations will be able to take it into account when they discuss your needs with you..

You can arrange your own care and support privately if you prefer. There are a number of organisations who can help you to plan this or offer private care services such as;

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Last updated: July 22, 2022