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There are 18 libraries in Newcastle, all offering a wide range of services. Becoming a member of a library is free. You can join online or by visiting any of the libraries if you take proof of your identity with you.

Newcastle Libraries Services

As well as lending books, most libraries now have the following services:

  • CDs and DVDs to hire
  • Reading groups
  • Newspapers and magazines to read
  • Free Internet access
  • Photocopying, printing and fax services
  • A range of local community information
  • Advice on finding the best energy deal

Some libraries also offer a minibus service to enable older or disabled people to visit their local branch.

Where is my nearest library?

For details of the location and opening times of your local library, contact Newcastle Libraries 

Reading groups

Reading groups are a great way to meet new people and discover new books including poetry, graphic novels and general fiction. Reading groups take place in libraries and other venues throughout the city. Groups meet monthly, select a book from the reading group list, read it at home, and then meet to discuss it at the following meeting.

To find a reading group, visit Reading Groups for Everyone and type in your postcode to search for groups near you.

Read aloud groups

Shared reading groups take place every week at the libraries. The small groups meet up to read aloud and talk about short stories, poems and novels. Contact Newcastle Libraries for more information.

Home Delivery Service

Newcastle Libraries – Home Delivery Service is free and is available to anyone living in Newcastle who is unable to visit a library regularly because they are in ill health (either permanently or temporarily), or because they are caring for someone else.

They will visit every 4 weeks and can offer the following resources:

  • A large collection of books
  • Books in large print and books on tape
  • Community and welfare information
  • Reading lamps
  • Cassette players
  • Memory Boxes containing memorabilia, photographs, books and pamphlets to support reminiscence sessions


Internet access

Free Internet access is available in every library in Newcastle. You will need to be a member of a library to use the service and you will be given a login number and password.

You will be able to use any library computer for up to 2 hours per day and you can book a session in advance to ensure that a computer is available when you want to use it.

Some libraries have facilities for people who have a disability, such as a visual impairment, to enable them to use the computer more easily. Contact the library you wish to visit to book a session and to enquire if the computers will be suitable for your needs.

Reading assistance

Calibre Audio Library provides a postal-based lending service of audio books on cassette tapes, CDs and in MP3 format. Calibre is a nationwide service with 20,000 members, and after an initial registration fee the service is free. As it is a postal service, you can exchange your books as often as you like.

British Wireless for the Blind Fund provide high quality, easy to use audio equipment which has been specially designed and adapted for listeners with sight loss.  All of their radios are available on free loan to blind and partially sighted people who meet their criteria. CIC provide Thunder, which is a free, talking computer software package. It enables visually-impaired users to hear what is on the screen, access the internet, write e-mails and letters.

Seeing Ear is an online library which provides books in a flexible format that can be downloaded by library members. The service is free for anybody who needs books in an accessible format due to reasons such as visual impairment, dyslexia or a physical disability.

Independent Libraries

The Lit & Phil in Westgate Road is the largest independent library outside of London; housing over 150,000 books.

The Hancock Library is located in the Great North Museum with collections on the history and heritage of the Northern Region, Roman Britain and Hadrian’s Wall, as well as archaeology and natural history.

Last updated: April 11, 2018

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