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Whether you walk, cycle, drive, use the bus or metro, getting out and about is an important part of everyday life. Support is available for people who are disabled or less mobile.

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helping you to plan your visit to Newcastle so you know where public and accessible toilets are available

Airport assistance is available if you have mobility issues or a disability. Assistance can be arranged before you fly to help make your travel easier.  Book early to ensure everything is in place.

is a life-long condition which affects a person’s ability to communicate or to do everyday things. This page has more information about local support organisations and groups in Newcastle.

The Blue Badge Scheme allows people who have difficulty getting about to park their cars close to the sites and services that they need to use.

there are many ways in which you can take advantage of concessionary travel in Tyne and Wear and across the country.

You’ll be surprised how far you can travel using your concessionary travel pass. Here are a few suggestions of where you can travel to on public transport.

You may have been driving for years, but there are some things that you need to think about as you get older and your circumstances change.

Getting to hospital can be a worry for some people. This section gives details on how you can travel to and from the hospitals in Newcastle.

This information includes: the blue badge scheme, concessionary travel, Senior railcard, Motability car scheme, NexusTaxicard, Shopmobility and Hop to the shops.

There are supported shopping schemes that can help you buy your essential items or have them delivered.

is a way of protecting yourself and your belongings against a particular adverse event, for example, a burglary or a serious accident.

NHS and government information about Covid 19

A learning disability is a life-long condition. It affects a person’s ability to communicate or to do everyday things. People with a learning disability find it harder than others to learn, understand and communicate.

Charities, not-for-profit or social enterprise organisations provide community transportation in Newcastle to help the local community.

Manual wheelchairs, mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs make it possible for you to get out and about and participate in the activities you enjoy. There are different vehicles available to choose from.

Motability is a charity which provides mobility solutions for disabled people. This includes help to lease a car, powered wheelchair or scooter.

Shopmobility  provides battery-powered scooters and wheelchairs for people with mobility difficulties.

The TaxiCard scheme is for those who have a disability or impairment that means using public transport is difficult.

If you are planning to travel abroad, or in some cases within the UK, you are required to have a valid UK passport.

Information on the types of public transport available in Newcastle.

This article signposts you to support and help if you are on a low income.

Information to help you to plan a short break or holiday that takes into account your interests and needs.

There are mainly two types of taxis in Newcastle; Hackney carriages and private hire vehicles.

Vision impairment means that your eyesight cannot be corrected by glasses or lenses.  Conditions include: cataract, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa and a condition related to stroke, hemianopia.

Walking is good for you. It is therapy and fitness rolled into one.