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Whether you walk, cycle, drive, use the bus or metro, getting out and about is an important part of everyday life. Support is available for people who are disabled or less mobile.

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Airport assistance

Airport assistance is available if you have mobility issues or a disability. Assistance can be arranged before you fly to help make your travel easier.  Book early to ensure everything is in place.

Blue Badge Scheme

allows people who have difficulty getting about to park their cars close to the facilities and services that they need to use.

Concessionary travel

As an older person there are many ways in which you can take advantage of concessionary travel in Tyne and Wear and across the country.

Day trips and visits

You’ll be surprised how far you can travel using your concessionary travel pass. Here are a few suggestions of where you can travel to on public transport.

Driving as you get older

You may have been driving for years, but there are some things that you need to think about as you get older and your circumstances change.

Getting to hospital

Getting to hospital can be a worry for some people. This section gives details on how you can travel to and from the hospitals in Newcastle.

Help with shopping

There is a community shopping scheme in Newcastle that could help you get out and about called¬†Hop to the Shops’ or you could try the shopmobility scheme.


is a way of protecting yourself and your belongings against a particular adverse event, for example, a burglary or a serious accident.

Minibus Services

Community Transport is provided by not-for-profit or social enterprise organisations for the benefit of the local community.

Mobility scooters

are a fantastic way of getting out and about for people who have mobility issues. There are lots of different type of scooter available to choose from.