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Day centres and services

What are Day Services?

Day services are available to you if you would like help to get out and about. They give you the opportunity to:

  • meet new people
  • enjoy a meal and join in social activities
  • learn new skills

If you need assistance during the activities, specialist care is also available.

Am I eligible for day services?

You can request an assessment from Community Health & Social Care Direct to find out if you are eligible for day services offered by Newcastle City Council.

The assessment process includes;

  1. Needs assessment to find out; what your care and support needs are; if you are eligible for support from the local authority; and to agree your support plan.
  2. Carers Assessments: available to all carers to find out; what your care and support needs are; if you are eligible for support from the local authority; and to agree your support plan.
  3. Financial assessment looks at how much money you have and if you can access funding from the local authority to help pay for your care and support.
  4. Personal budgets to pay for your care and support. You can manage your own care and support or Newcastle City Council can do this for you.
  5. Direct Payments from your personal budget allow you to purchase your own care and support services directly.

How much do day services cost?

You can choose whether you would like a Financial assessment to see if you’re eligible to receive funding for day services. The cost of the services depends on what you choose to have and on your individual needs.

If you are eligible for funding you can use your Personal budget to pay for day services or set up a Direct payment.

Day Services Available

Day Centres

These services are based in a particular building, known as a day centre. You might find this suits you if you have some mobility difficulties, or if you need help with personal care. The service includes transport, a meal and refreshments, and staff are around to assist you and to organise activities.

Services include:

 Lunch Clubs

If you or someone you care for has particular needs, such as a physical disability or dementia, lunch clubs provide a meal, social activities, and staff on hand to offer some practical assistance.

See our Food and Friends article for a list of local lunch clubs, coffee mornings and foodie activities.

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction service supports older people to live independently in the community by combating social isolation and increasing good emotional health and wellbeing. They can offer:

  • One to one personalised support including advice on health, domestic issues and correspondence
  • Connecting people to their community – help with shopping, finding out what is going on locally and finding activities
  • Connecting with others, perhaps who share the same interests.

Costs vary:

Prevention (free low-level support, funded by Public Health)
Foundation (£40.62 per week)
Life Skills (£61.42 per week)

Lunch Links (run by Chain Reaction) supports and develops groups that meet for a range of activities including  lunch, shopping  trips and excursions. They offer opportunities for fun, friendship and food giving you the chance to meet up with friends and make new ones.

Ways to Wellness service helps people in the West of Newcastle to manage their long-term health conditions, through activities such as:

  • Getting involved in local groups and activities
  • Accessing specialist services and support
  • Healthy eating and getting more active
  • Getting support around benefits and welfare rights

Last updated: May 22, 2019

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