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Dementia Friendly Newcastle

Newcastle is committed to becoming a Dementia friendly city. This is a place where people living with dementia are:

  • understood
  • respected
  • supported
  • included
  • involved
  • confident they can contribute to their community
  • have choice and control in their lives
  • can find local help and support

It is a place where everyone is aware of and understands dementia.

Newcastle City Council is working in partnership with local communities and businesses. They want to help people with dementia and their carers feel safe and live in the way they want to in their community.

In this page you can find more on:

Understanding Dementia Sessions

Dementia Friendly Communities in Newcastle

Dementia Friendly Activities

Dementia Action Week

Dementia Space at The Grainger Market

Understanding Dementia Sessions

To help you understand the needs of people with dementia better and how you can make a difference, take part in a learning session.

Dementia Friends Information Sessions give you a better understanding of the types of dementia and how it effects people and their carers.

FutureLearn run some free online courses created by Universities where you can learn more about:

VOICE (Valuing Our Intellectual Capital and Experience) at Newcastle University, involves members of the public in research. You can become a member of VOICE and work with academics to improve the focus, quality, relevance and impact of research, to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Unison offer their trade union members free training and learning opportunities. They have some dementia awareness sessions in Newcastle. Contact your local representative for more information.

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Dementia friendly communities


Dementia friendly city info graphic from Alzhiemers Society. Empowering people with dementia to have high aspirations, confidence and know they can contribute:

Dementia friendly communities infographic from Alzheimer’s Society

Dementia Friendly Communities in Newcastle

There are 2 communities in Newcastle committed to becoming dementia friendly. These communities are:

See all events organised by Jesmond Dementia Action Alliance Events 

  • Gosforth

Other communities are also working towards becoming dementia friendly.

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Dementia Friendly Activities

Find all the dementia friendly activities in Newcastle in our Events & Activities section on InformationNOW.  Choose ‘dementia’ as the type of activity. You can also search by postcode and keyword.

Dementia friendly activities and groups available in Newcastle include:

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Dementia Action Week

Starts Monday 20th May 2019

Every year we have a week full of activities across Newcastle and in the Grainger Market.

Come along to the exhibition space opposite the French Oven to find out more and join in.

Dementia Action Week 2019 activities

Date Activity Time Venue
Monday 20th May Dementia friendly  activities and information 10am to 3pm The Grainger Market Exhibition Space
Tuesday 21st May Dementia friendly  activities and information




Memory Assessment Service Information stand

10am to 3pm




10am to 2pm

The Grainger Market Exhibition Space




Centre for Vitality and Ageing

Wednesday 22nd May Dementia friendly  activities and information 10am to 3pm The Grainger Market Exhibition Space
Thursday 23rd May Dementia friendly  activities and information



Information stand and a Singing for the Brain session

10 am to 3pm



at 1pm

The Grainger Market Exhibition Space


Metrocentre – outside House of Fraser

Friday 24th May Dementia friendly  activities and information


Games for the Brain


10am to 3pm


1pm to 2.30pm



The Grainger Market Exhibition Space


Eldon Leisure centre


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Dementia Space at The Grainger Market

This is a pop up shop at The Grainger Market where you can find out about dementia, prevention and living well with the condition. Each month focuses on a different theme with:

  • information and advice
  • learning sessions
  • regular activities
Dementia Space themes for 2019 to 2020
Month Theme Activities include
May 2019 Inclusion Dementia Action Week

Find out more about how to stay connected to the community.

Dementia friendly activities

June 2019 Help and Support Information and support for carers

Find out more about volunteering

July 2019 Staying Safe Find out more about:

online safety

home safety

safe places

basic first aid

emergency support for carers

adaptations for your home

August 2019 Your home and where you live Thinking about making changes to your home

Different types of housing

Thinking about moving home

Living at home comfortably and safely

Managing your finances

Support with utilities

September 2019 Health Looking after your

Physical health

Mental and emotional health

Financial health

October 2019 Planning ahead Older People’s Month


November 2019 Staying Independent
December 2019 To be confirmed
January 2019  To be confirmed
February 2019  To be confirmed
March 2019  To be confirmed
April 2019  To be confirmed
May 2019 Dementia Action Week

If you would like to get involved or have ideas for future sessions contact the Dementia Space.

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Last updated: May 17, 2019

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